Who should the Democrats Run in 2008? My recomenda…

Who should the Democrats Run in 2008?
My recomendations are below.
Color Key:

My Recomendation I discourage Could-Work Ideal Candidates Who Will Not Run

Governor Howard Dean- Would unite the party. Could raise millions upon millions of dollars, and represents the party best. Yes, a New England Democrat may not appeal again, but given the appropriate balance, it works. He was my first choice in ’04, now my first choice for ’08.

Governor Bill Richardson- Extremely popular. Richardson could carry the south, swing states like his home of New Mexico, the Latino and Hispanic vote. Richardson is huge among the Democratic party, and could easily sway undecided voters. My second choice for ’08 (though I could live with a Richardson-Dean ticket).

Senator (elect) Barack Obama- Obama, the key note not speaker at the 2004’s Democratic National convention, could take the minority vote, energize Democrats (as he did in July–we all wished he was the nominee), and reach out to undecided and independent voters. Barack may not be ready—but it would be worth a try. Would be my second choice for ’08 but likely not to run–due to lack of experience. Maybe in 2016.

Rep. Harold Ford Jr.- Congressman Ford, the youngest man ever elected to the House, is an amazing man–very popular and well known. Could reach out to undecided voters.

Hillary Clinton- My advice: don’t run Hillary. I like Hillary, and would support her–but she is loved by the left, hated by the right.

John Edwards- Edwards, a hero of mine, couldn’t carry the south. The party should hold off on Senator Edwards.

Al Gore- The party should consider running Former VP Gore. Gore could unite the party.
Could be dangerous, however.

Rep. Tom Allen (ME)- The Congressman would never run, but would make one hell of a President for the United States.

Gary Hart- Considered running in 2004. After his ‘downfall’ in 1984, he lost popularity. Maybe it would be worth considering, especially if the Republicans run McCain.

Former Senator George Mitchell- Mitchell, now involved with the DNC, Disney, and the Boston Red Sox (!) was on Gore’s VP shortlist in 2000. Would make a great President—one of our best. Would he run? I don’t know?


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