I’ve had enough! Today the House and Senate meet to pass emergency legislation that will allow the Schiavo case to go to a federal court. I’m watching MSNBC and C-Span…the House has ajourned until later. All it takes is one Democrat to object, and the bill will NOT be passed with unanimous consent. According to Chip Reid, NBC News, it does look as if the bill will pass in the Senate…but, without unanimous consent in the house, the bill can’t be called to a vote until tomorrow. Expect a House vote sometime after 12:01am EST.
This is getting abseloutley ridiculous. Her husband should be making the decisions. CONGRESS SHOULD BE DOING THEIR JOB, NOT INTERFERING WITH A PERSONAL ISSUE. How many cases are there like this out there? Why do we focus on THIS one? Because the brother of our beloved President Dubya is the Governor of the State of the family in question. You know what? If this same case were to happen in Maine, or Oregon, or Illinois–no one would care. Her husband has EVERY right to do what he feels Terry would have happened. We have people dying in Iraq two years and a day after the invasion, we have a Social Security issue, we have a federal defecit, but we’re focusing on ONE woman in Florida. Those in Congress were elected to serve the people, not one person. I agree with the woman who just called into C-Span…if the family wants to keep her alive and make her suffer, then bring her home, and take care of her themselves.
Why do we obsess over Laci Peterson, when on our local news we see murders just like it so very frequently?
Why do we obsess over a woman in Florida, when there are so many other cases like this around the country?
I hope the Democrats in the House put on one hell of a show.


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