Robertson Rhetoric

I just got this e-mail from Anne Lewis, at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and had to post this. Read the e-mail, then sign the petition:

Dear Ben,
Earlier this week, Pat Robertson made the audacious claim that federal judges are a greater threat to our nation than “a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings.”
A few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings? How, in the name of everything dear to America, could Pat Robertson possibly say that federal judges – the men and women in our government who make sure everyone plays by the rules – are a greater threat than the enemies of our nation who killed thousands of people and who instantly made widows and widowers and orphans of thousands more? What was he thinking?
What he seemed to be thinking is that just because a few judges have ruled against him a few times, they are a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, more dangerous that Nazi Germany, and more divisive than the Civil War. After all, that’s what he said on national TV.
That’s just wrong. These kinds of irresponsible and dangerous falsehoods have no place in mature political discourse. But Senate Republicans – Robertson’s ideological allies – have steadfastly refused to condemn these scurrilous remarks.
That’s why the DSCC is demanding immediate action from Pat Robertson and Senate Republicans. To make sure they’ll listen, we need your support to show that the American people won’t stand for this kind of offensive behavior.
Robertson didn’t stop there, either. He all but called Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a communist, just because she once served as general counsel for the ACLU. Apparently, wanting to make sure your First Amendment rights are protected is somehow “anti-American.”
The whole affair would just be kind of pathetic if Robertson didn’t go on to make one of the most hateful comments you’ll ever hear from a major political leader on national TV. According to Robertson, Hindus and Muslims don’t belong in the Cabinet and he wouldn’t want “somebody like that sitting as a judge.” Advocating blatant discrimination isn’t just distasteful or uncomfortable, it’s wrong-headed hate speech.
We’re used to this kind of poisonous rhetoric from Pat Robertson. But why won’t the Senate Republicans condemn these offensive remarks? Is this the type of party that just accepts this kind of hateful behavior from its leaders? Robertson owes America an apology. And his ideological allies in the Senate must publicly repudiate his repugnant behavior. Join the DSCC in calling for immediate action today.
Senate Republicans – Robertson’s ideological allies – ought to be tripping over themselves looking for a microphone to condemn these offensive remarks. But you’ll never see that. The truth is Rick Santorum, George Allen, and Conrad Burns are counting on Pat Robertson to support their 2006 reelection efforts. Robertson even singled out Sen. Allen for praise, saying he “would make a tremendous president.”
Robertson did not have such kind words for Bill Frist. “Bill is a wonderfully compassionate human being,” Robertson said, damning the Republican Leader with faint praise. “I just don’t see him as a future president.” But you know Bill Frist is just going to fire up the right wing pander machine in order to court favor with the extremist establishment in time for the presidential primaries.
The bottom line is that none of these national leaders should be in Pat Robertson’s back pocket. Even without his long record of extremism, Robertson’s most recent comments are offensive enough to elicit a strong and forceful denouncement from his ideological allies in the Senate. Moreover, Robertson himself should apologize for his irresponsible falsehoods. Decency demands it. Join the DSCC in calling on Senate Republicans to put a stop to this sort of poisonous political rhetoric.
It’s up to us to make sure that these leading Senate Republicans are held accountable for the despicable actions of their right wing power brokers. We’ll hold their feet to the fire today and we’ll make sure they have to answer to the voters in November 2006. By joining our campaign today, you only make us more effective.
Anne Lewis


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