I Stand with Diana DeGette

As you know, like the Filibuster, one of the biggest issues to me is Stem Cell Research. Today, I received this e-mail from the DCCC & Diana DeGette. Take a look. Please sign the petition.

Last month, the House overwhelmingly voted for the stem cell legislation I authored with Rep. Mike Castle. This bipartisan victory made it clear that stem cell research transcends political party and ideology.

The public is fed up with the agenda of the Republican leadership and its clear lack of concern about the challenges facing ordinary Americans. This is a rare opportunity for Congress to do something that could lead to the saving of lives and making our nation – even the world – a better place.

You have already heard heartfelt stories from my friends and colleagues, Reps. Lois Capps and Jim Langevin, on how stem cell research could help them and their loved ones. Many of you have shared similarly moving personal stories about how stem cell research could make a difference in your own lives. You have spoken. Members of Congress have spoken. Now it is time to demand that our voices be heard and answered.

The vast majority of Americans who support stem cell research are anxiously waiting for the Senate and the President to do the right thing and expand the federal policy now.

We are working with our Democratic and Republican allies in the Senate to pass this proposal. But President George Bush, the very man who has crowed about “obstructionism” whenever Democrats refused to rubber stamp his agenda, continues to stall the process with his unconscionable veto threat.

That President Bush would use his first veto in five years to squash the hopes of millions is virtually unimaginable. That is why I am asking you today to join me in petitioning him to stop obstructing the clear will of the people:


The House has already debated this issue. You have already heard arguments for stem cell research put forth eloquently by Lois Capps and Jim Langevin. This is about saving people’s lives, not about partisan politics.

Now I want to share with you just one of the stirring stories the DCCC members shared with us:

“I will fight for SCR expansion for many reasons, but for my step dad, Marty, in
particular. He is perfectly healthy, thank goodness … because he spends his
two days off caring for his Alzheimer’s stricken mother and for his recently
paralyzed son. Both are severe cases that necessitate home care. His son is only
24 years-old, and became a quadriplegic after breaking his neck in a motorcycle
accident. It will be a year in July since he’s been home. My step brother cannot
hug his little daughter, and it is heartbreaking. To think that he could die
from something like a bed sore, I just cannot understand how people justify
fighting against SCR. To the opposition, I say come look at my step dad’s
mother, who has to be monitored constantly so she doesn’t wander off, who can’t
remember who she is. Look into the eyes of a woman who cries because she wants
to go home to her mother, who’s been dead for 50 years. Look at my step brother,
a once strapping young man who is now withered, who has to fight to breathe on
his own. Look into the eyes of his three year-old little girl, who has to visit
“Daddy” because he can’t come home to play with her. Look at my step father, who
deserves some good news, or at the very least … some relief from the worry
that he could lose either of them at any moment. Look into his eyes and tell him
there is no hope, because I cannot. This is for Marty.”

— Tanya Bennitt, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If that does not persuade you, nothing I can say will either. There are millions of these stories, from every town and city in America. Tell President Bush to remove the “roadblock” and withdraw his veto threat – stem cell research must be funded:


Thank you so much for standing together with me and with those who have lent their voices to this cause.


Rep. Diana DeGette
Colorado’s 1st Congressional District


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