Social Security, is it really worth it?

To be perfectly honest with you, I think that Social Security is unneeded! I understand that retirement is important and that many people rely on Social Security to survive, but I don’t think that the government should have gotten involved in the first place!

This whole Social Security thing seems like this country is leaning more towards Socialism and Democracity! The government shouldn’t be involved in these domestic issues. I think that the whole country would be a lot more responsible if they were required to put money into a 401k or retirement fund.

Social Security might have been needed in the 50’s, right after the war, but now, there is no need for it; Americans should be responsible for themselves.

Also, what is up with all of those people that have NEVER worked a day in their life, therefore never putting a cent into Social Security, but still collecting Social Security, as that is their American right! Can you say LAME! But the other thing is, if I put in $10 dollars this week, when I go to collect in 50 years, inflation will mean that that $10 wont be worth the same! Leading to a defecit in the fund!

I suppose that this whole speel could be because I KNOW that when it is time for me to take out my fair share of the fund, it wont be there!

I feel like suing the government!

That’s my opinion, I welcome yours… (I feel like Fred Nutter)



3 Responses to Social Security, is it really worth it?

  1. Ben says:

    Of course Social Security is worth it!

    When Americans get to that age of retirement–they DESERVE to have no worries, and deserve to have the security that they worked to provide for Americans before them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The people who have toiled to get YOU where you are today shouldn’t just be left to fend for themselves. They are the ones that have paid their taxes for your education, so you would have smooth roads to drive, so you have a better future. Take a look at that paycheck of yours; one day YOU will be counting on drawing from all of that money you have “deposited” on your behalf…and YOU will be paying “the man” for the priveledge of taking that book out of the library. I hope you will give this another thought.

  3. Vicky says:

    Unfortunately, if you look around the country, most people are not responsible enough for a 401K or any retirement plan. Don’t forget that the Social Security plan of 50 years ago was nothing like it is today. FDR didn’t plan for it to turn out the way it did.

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