Clinton, the Greatest President??? NO

The Greatest Administration in the history of AMERICA!?!?!?! EXCUSE ME!!!!! What did he do exactly? “Oh he led America into a giant surplus!!” Big Whoop!!! FDR defeated the Nazis and freed millions of people from the hands of death. Ronald Reagan defeated Communism so that today, we don’t face nuclear annihilation at the hands of the Soviets. Abraham Lincoln freed the Slaves and, ensured Blacks would be equal to whites in the future. Let us not forget the most popular and important president of all-time, George Washington who freed us all from the taxes of the British and gave us our own sovereign state. If you judge a president merely by what he did with the economy, presidents Harding and Coolidge did much more for American wallets than Clinton ever did (hence the name “roaring twenties”). FDR led American forces to victory over the most oppressive force of all time-the Nazis. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, bombed an Aspirin factory in the Sudan to distract Americans from his declining pole numbers. Compared to the monumental accomplishments of Lincoln, Washington, FDR, Truman, and Reagan; Clinton’s amount to very little. He’s a nice guy with a great personality but, not what I would call “the greatest president”. I make it appoint to argue with a person’s opinions and actions in office, not his personal character.

-Jay G.

( Let’s go Lance!
Nixon in 68


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