Exclusive London Eyewitness

A friend of my family lives right outside of London, and was in the city during today’s events. I e-mailed him to see if he was alright, which thank G-d he was. He gave me permission to post the letter, which tells his account of today in London.

Hi Ben
Thanks for writing.. yes, I am ok.

Tonight, at least 37 are dead with about 700 hundred injured after 4 bombs exploded during the morning rush-hour.

I myself missed the most lethal blast by a couple of minutes. I was on the underground (subway) train from Kings-Cross just two minutes before the one that was attacked. The latest news here is that 21 died in that blast. I had just left Moorgate station when another blast occurred near Aldgate station and Liverpool Street staion, just 2 minutes walk away.

I left the area at about 11 o’clock on foot… (no trains or busses were running) and made for London Bridge Station, south of the river. The amazing thing is that there was no panic, people were quietly making their way out of the area in an orderly fashion. The emergency services plan for this type of attack was put into operation and it worked brilliantly… After a struggle, I finally made it home at about 2 PM

We all know who are behind the attacks, although we as yet wait full confirmation. What you will find in the long term is that the English are made of sterner stuff that the Spanish. Although I deplored the attacks on Madrid and have every sympathy for them, unlike them, we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with your country and the other countries who are facing this menace head-on.

Many thanks for writing Ben…


(My Message to Barry)
From: Ben Goodman
To: Barry
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 12:05 PM
Subject: OK?
Hi Barry,

I’m watching the news–and see that there were attacks in London. Can you let us know that you are ok?

Ben Goodman


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