BlogShares of BSR!

Every so often, I put in a google search of the blog, to see how we’re moving along. I came across a listing on “BlogShares”, a fictional stock market, based on blogs. The BSR is clearly making waves, as no one submitted the blog. We have been listed, as we are the #13 contributor of incoming visitors to the Drudge Retort.

You might call it a “game”, or simulation. It’s all free, and when you sign up, you recieve $500 (of course, all fake). You can use this money to “buy shares”. Right now, 71.6% of The Blue State Review is taken, and “shares” are currently $2.00 (up from $0.29, yesterday).


It’s all fictional, but I hope you’ll join, and boost the value of The Blue State Review–so that we can compete with the very top blogs. The more stocks you buy, the higher the value! The higher the value, I can sell my stock to buy advertising for BSR!!!

You can enroll at here, and then view the BSR by clicking here.

*No, you don’t actually “own” a part of the blog. All decisions will still be made by Chris, Jay, Vicky, and I…it’s all for fun! But hey, go join!


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