I can’t sleep.

I’m blogging from Maine Medical Center, where yesterday morning I underwent a liver biopsy. I was “out of it” for the procedure, but had to stay in bed for four hours after the procedure. So, of course, I have been watching movies all day (and for most of the night). Garden State, Star Wars: Episode I, Moulin Rouge, and Wag the Dog. Still in line, of course, Dick Tracy.

I know that the “Blue State Review” isn’t really my personal blog, more of a political endeavor, but I feel like rambling at 2:30 in the morning.

John Edwards and Evan Bayh will be making trips to Iowa this month. Senator Edwards will also be spending this weekend in New Hampshire for various campaign fundraisers.

After watching Wag the Dog, I’ve wondered if something so fictional could be more of a possibility than we’ve ever imagined. I’m not accusing any administration’s involvement in any country as being “fake”, like those who believe the 1969 Moon Landing was filmed entirely in a movie studio.

Yes, you could point out that it would be hard to fake something as large as a war, as reporters are now stationed around the globe, ready to embed themselves with troops at any moment–but don’t you remember, recently, when the Bush Administration got in trouble for fake newscasts?

I suppose, however, if the Administration ever wanted to “Wag the Dog”, they have Fox News reporters at their fingertips.


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