Peter Jennings

I just awoke, after a long day yesterday, and after awaiting the delayed shuttle return, early this morning. I immediately checked the news, to see that Peter Jennings has died at 67.

While I had always been faithful to NBC News up until the time of Tom Brokaw’s departure, I often watched Peter Jennings on World News Tonight. Over the years, spending frequent time at my grandfather’s would always include Jennings’ broadcast. Although a relatively short time, I would watch Jennings once Brian Williams took over the NBC Nightly News.

Jennings had his own distinct style–a way of reporting the news different from that of Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather — or of his later competitors, Brian Williams and Bob Schiffer; Jennings seemed to take an interest to every story delivered.

We are at the end of an era, as none of the “Big 3” who dominated the three major networks from the early 1980s to 2004, are gone.

Jennings will be missed.


One Response to Peter Jennings

  1. Rachel says:

    The New York Times said that he was straightforward among the new ‘chatty’ anchors.

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