Cheney in ’08?

I was just over at DailyKos, where one of the top stories was from the Denver Post. Evidently, Bob Woodward seems to think that our pal, W, may convince Cheney to run in 2008. We’ll have survived two terms of a Cheney administration, I don’t know that we could survive another.

Yes, Cheney may be a vulnerable candidate, based on Plamegate, and Halliburton. But remember, Cheney has his pals in Ohio, who can help to increase the number of voting irregularities. Cheney has a disgusting relationship with the oil companies, and his view of the “other side” is well known, after his obscene comments to Senator Leahy in 2004.

So, how could Cheney fair against some of the top Democrats? Well, remember, Cheney doesn’t “really” have a home state (remember Jones v. Bush?). According to the twelfth ammendment, candidates can live in the same state, but electors can’t vote for candidates from the same state. So, Cheney moved back from Texas to Wyoming. Assuming that Cheney runs from Wyoming (not to alienate anyone more than he already has), who does he run with? I’d go with Bill Frist, Elizabeth Dole, or John McCain. My guess, would be Dole or McCain, over Frist. Frist has lost some of his religious-right base, and although McCain is moderate, Cheney would pick him over Frist. I could see a Cheney/Dole ticket, however, guarenteeing already-red North Carolina. Cheney would no question go with Dole, if Edwards was first on the Democratic Ticket–countering a North Carolina win (you’re right, Edwards didn’t carry NC, but he was in the #2 spot on the ticket).

So, a candidate from the Midwest, and runningmate from the Southeast. As strong as Hillary is, she’d have a hell of a time against a midwestern candidate. Furthermore, Hillary is trying to be moderate, and in my opinion, not doing a very good job of it. I say, if we’re going to be true Democrats, let’s nominate a true Democrat, not a DINO (Democrat in Name Only), or someone who doesn’t best embody our ideals. We need someone charasmatic, who can look Cheney in the eye through the debates (and a runningmate who can crush Liddy Dole in the debates), and truly win.

My choice, as I made clear recently, is Senator Russ Feingold. Feingold will be traveling to New Hampshire next month, and has formed the Progressive Patriots Fund, a Political Action Committee. I guess that chapter one in “Running for President” is to ‘form a PAC’. Joe Biden has formed “Unite Our States“, John McCain has brought “Straight Talk America” back…John Edwards has the “One America Committee“…and lets not forget “Keeping America’s Promise“, founded by John Kerry.

How about Feingold/Boxer? Maybe too liberal, but I’d love to see Liddy Dole lose miserably to Boxer in the debates. We’d need more Vice Presidential debates.


2 Responses to Cheney in ’08?

  1. Jay says:

    Yeah, I don’t think Cheney will run… I read an article in the Weekly Standard that had the same theory- I don’t see it happening. I think Cheney could beat the Hilldabeast especially if he chose someone like Ken Blackwell or the Mitt Man as his V.P. Trust me…. There’s nothing W could do to get my man D.C. into the race in ’08.


    (I’m more concerned with electing Cianchette in 2006 and getting Pirro to w/ in 5 points of the Hilldabeast-2008 will come!)

  2. Potter says:

    Awesome blog!

    I read through the post, the article, and all the comments over at DKos, and was convinced for a moment. But then I took off the tinfoil hat and realized he hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of getting past the media swarm re: health, snarl, goofs on WMD, etc. Besides, I don’t think he’d ever do it.

    Im with you 100% about Feingold. I would LOVE Pres Feingold, and would quit my job and put my life on hold to work for him. Not so with Hillary. Feingold/Boxer? interesting, but it might have to be Feingold/someone less lib to win.

    Anyway, thanks for indulging my electional fantasies. Cheers

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