Save Portsmouth

I received an e-mail from the New Hampshire Democratic Party this evening. Today, Wednesday, the Base Realignment and Closure Comission votes on saving Portsmouth. I beg you to read the e-mail, and contact BRAC at 703-699-2950. Call now– I had my father call at 12:10, and I’ll be calling shortly. Tell BRAC not to close the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Tell them that it’s illogical to close the oldest Naval Shipyard in the United States, financially, and historically. 4,500 jobs are on the line. I beg you to do so. Here’s the e-mail.

Contact BRAC:
Tell them to save the shipyard

THE DEFENSE Base Realignment and Closure Commission begins its final deliberations tomorrow [Wednesday]. A decision on the fate of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard could come in the next few days. Granite Staters who have yet to chime in on the issue still have time.

BRAC can be reached at 703-699-2950. Comments also can be made online at

We believe the shipyard deserves to stay open. The fine work done there, and the facility itself, would be extraordinarily difficult to replace. On top of that, the shipyard found its way onto the closure list for very flawed reasons. Closing it would be a mistake.

If the BRAC process, which is good in concept, is to be trusted, its decisions must be above reproach. Not only must they avoid politics, but they must be based on the best data and make sense for the country. Closing the shipyard does not appear to us to meet those criteria.

It would not hurt to contact BRAC and give your perspective on the shipyard and its importance to the military readiness of our nation. Don’t wait.

Tomorrow could be too late.


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