Chuck Pennachio 2006

I posted this over on my Daily Kos diary a few mintues ago:

I’m not even a resident of Pennsylvania, but I’ve become very interested, as I’m sure we all have, in the fight to beat Rick Santorum in 2006. It’s come to my attention recently that major figures in the Democratic Party already consider PA Treasurer Bob Casey the nominee.

It’s fine for a major figure to make an endorsement, there’s no harm that I can see in that — but is it right, honestly, to attempt, in a way, convince people across America — who may not be “totally informed”, that Casey is the only candidate?

Pennachio is the best candidate. This morning I received a campaign e-mail, and on many of the issues, Casey is just like Santorum. He agrees with Santorum on being against seperation of Church and State, Iraq, Schiavo, Health Care, and Gay Rights.

I can’t do much being from outside Pennsylvania. Attempts to help Pennachio and Peter Ashdown (Utah), from a guy in New Hampshire who can’t vote until 2008 would be futile.
But, if you’re near PA, or can help somehow, visit


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