Joe Scarborough on ‘Katrina’

I don’t support many republicans in the media. But I know I support one: Joe Scarborough. Joe runs “Scarborough Country” on MSNBC. He’s a straight-talking former Congressman from Florida. He’s the first to admit when his party has done something wrong, and for that, I admire Joe. He’s one Republican I’d back for President, if the time ever came. He spoke the following (or most of it) on MSNBC last night…and now it’s on his blog…it’s worth sharing.

A National Disgrace

BILOXI, Mississippi — New Orleans is the city that America has seemingly forgotten and its politicians have let down in its greatest hour of need. And here in Biloxi, a place where, when we traveled around, we couldn’t find enough federal agents, enough state agents, enough emergency personnel around to even begin to take care of those young children and elderly adults that are still without food, still without water, still without the most basic of necessities.

I have got to tell you, I have been involved in a lot of hurricane relief before, and what I have been seeing these past few days is nothing short of a national disgrace.

Those storms started hitting on Sunday, and yet, four full days later, still, we just aren’t seeing emergency relief agents on the ground, in the neighborhoods that have been affected the most. There’s video that we have been taking all throughout the day of people that simply aren’t getting water. They are not getting food. They are not getting the basic necessities. It’s a disgrace here. But if you think it’s a disgrace here, the situation in New Orleans is beyond description. The Associated Press reported yesterday, “storm victims raped and beaten inside the convention center; 88 officers also beaten back by angry mobs.”

The scene in New Orleans keeps getting more apocalyptic by the day, and many Americans on both political sides of the American scene are wondering where Washington politicians and where Louisiana politicians are. As we have said before, the Senate has approved a $10.5 billion relief bill for this devastated area. It’s time for that aid to get down here. Also, the House is about to convene, and I am sure they will pass it unanimously. The president will sign it. And, hopefully, that money in Washington, D.C., 1,500 miles away, will make its way down here.

As a former Congressman, I understand how difficult some of these situations are. But don’t you believe in the coming days that this storm caught people by surprise. We knew in Pensacola, Florida, that this was going to be a killer storm. It was going to be a Category 4. We were saying on Friday, it would be a historic storm.

So, any politician in Louisiana, Alabama, or Mississippi that tells you they were surprised, they don’t deserve your trust or your vote next time.

E-mail me at I’ve been taking photos of the wreckage with my digital camera down here, so you can visit my homepage to see the slideshow.


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