One Year Ago

“We’ve waited four years for this victory…We can wait one more night.”
Okay, so really…the above photo and quote be from around two or three AM tomorrow (11/3), but one year ago today, was election day–when John Kerry and John Edwards were awarded 252 votes. That day last year is so vividly clear to me–if you want to, you can read the BSR’s (then simply the “ blog”) posts from election night here…you’ll need to scroll to the bottom and read your way up.
I remember working throughout the summer, and attending school on November 2. I had a meeting, which I couldn’t miss–so I intended to help work the phones until 8:00, and head to the town victory party. I stopped home, to learn some…very important results, of a test I had taken. I had the couch bed pulled out, from watching the late-night Red Sox victory coverage from several days before. I couldn’t get up. I was terribly dizzy.
I went to lie down for several hours, intending to still go at 8:00. I couldn’t. I watched the first results, which showed Kerry ahead on the east coast, and in Illinois. North Carolina and Florida were still too close to call. I’ve relived this night, several times, as I have video tapes non-stop from 9:00 on Nov. 2, to 3:00pm on Nov. 3. I had vertigo. I was terribly sick all evening. I stayed up until John Edwards’ speech, and until a bit after…I turned to CNN who had not called Ohio — and made the point that Kerry could still carry Iowa, Nevada, and New Mexico to tie the vote. I went to sleep–I woke up around 4:00am or so…to see that one of the states had been called (New Mexico, I think). I remember hearing that John Henry offered the Boston Red Sox plane for Kerry’s lawyers. I slept on and off…watching coverage all day.
Then he conceded.
John Kerry will be in New Hampshire this weekend, campaigning for Manchester Mayor Bob Baines (watch Baines – he has huge potential) … you know, right now, Evan Bayh is my first choice…but…thinking back to a year ago, I’m wondering whether another Kerry candidacy could truly be successful…


3 Responses to One Year Ago

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another Kerry campaign in John Kerry’s words would be “more of the same”. We need a candidate with new energy, fresh ideas, and a different approach to traditional Washington politics. We had somewhat new energy with Howeard Dean, but he wasn’t the right guy. If good democratic ideas are going back to the White House then we need someone who comes from the grass roots and not from Washington, we need someone that we can rally behind and make our President. That’s something different and that’s something that will grab attention.

  2. Daniel S. says:

    I’m a Bayh fan, too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Baines has zero potential. Sorry to break this to you.

    Bob Baines wants to destroy an environmentally-sensitive wetland in northwest Manchester by building a massive development of expensive houses on the site.

    Bob Baines cut a deal to bail out notorious environmental polluter Tyson Foods by picking up the cleanup costs on the site of their now closed Manchester meat packing plant.

    Bob Baines cut the budget for the Community Policing Program in low-income neighborhoods.

    Bob Baines has failed to expand the stock of affordable housing for low-income residents, instead wasting city money on high-end condo develpment projects.

    Bob Baines has some very, very serious personal skeletons in his closet.

    If he is re-elected next week, it is as high an office as he will ever attain.

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