Let Jack Out

Jack Kevorkian is up for parole in 2007…but supposedly, he may not live that long. According to an AP article, Dr. Kevorkian’s lawyers are pushing for parole.

Why not?

I understand the controversy over Assisted Suicide. But is helping to put a terminally ill man out of his misery as bad as muder? Be honest. Only Oregon permits assisted suicide — but even that may change. Why shouldn’t a man or woman facing death, be put out of their suffering? They own their lives, don’t they?

According to Wikipedia, Kevorkian said in a September MSNBC interview, he wouldn’t return to his practice — but work to have the law changed. Regardless of how you feel, Kevorkian provided the materials — the patients “did the work”. They took their own lives. Kevorkian didn’t.

Why do we see a man — regardless of what he did — who helped people as some kind of satanic creature? He helped people to end their suffer.

Kevorkian should get an award, not a jail sentence.

He should be able to die peacefully, like his patients…not in Jail.


3 Responses to Let Jack Out

  1. Anonymous says:

    I whole heartedly agree! If you are sick, and want to end the misery, you should be able to. Dr. K should be honored!

  2. Rachel says:

    It should be regulated, I think. You have the choice, but it should be done legally. That way the people will be able to die for free, firstly, and peacefully as well.

  3. Ben says:

    I agree…I mean…assisted suicide isn’t for the “I’m sick of living” crowd. I support it for terminally ill patients.

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