Here we go again…

I am watching CNN right now, and am shocked at what I am watching. President Bush is enjoying his Thanksgiving weekend at his Texas ranch, and who do you think showed up? Cindy Sheehan of course! Does she ever give up? Give him a break. President Bush is a human being. Do you see any one camping out on my front yard, protest my opinions – NO! Let Mr. Bush eat, drink and be merry in peace!

Honestly, I don’t think that Ms. Sheehan is representing all military families. Many of the families that I know support our troops, AND their leader! That is the other thing – “We support the troops!” That is SUCH BS! That is such a politicized term that isn’t even funny! If you don’t support the troops, you’re not patriotic, apparently!

Ms. Sheehan – be prepared, I’m coming to camp on your front lawn. I don’t agree with your opinion. Stay tuned, we’re about to have Camp Casey: Vacaville, California.

That’s my opinion, I welcome yours (but don’t come to my front yard)!


4 Responses to Here we go again…

  1. Rachel says:

    Of course she isn’t speaking for everybody – there was an anti-Casey woman who did not want her son’s name on one of the crosses because she did NOT believe that her son died for nothing.

    I think that you shouldn’t call it Camp Casey, though, because that would disrespect the man’s name. His mother is using it for what she thinks is right, and to help with the war efforts (of bringing them HOME). Maybe you could call it something more general rather than Casey.

  2. sjsg59 says:

    I’m torn about her crusade…I have to respect her dedication to call attention to the plight of the soldiers in Iraq, but I think history will remember her son not as one who was killed in a meaningless war—but as the son of Cindy Sheehan. He deserves his own recognition.

  3. Ben says:

    But, would her son get recognition anyway? I have mixed feelings myself, Sheehan has made anti-Israel comments, and there are rumors of a Green Party campaign in 2008 (if she wants to end the war, she ought to work with a party that can make a difference)…but she’s getting attention.

    That’s what’s important.

  4. Rachel says:

    I got some odd looks when I wore my Jewish school shirt to Camp Casey. It was kinda funny, actually…

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