BSO Exclusive: Katrina Eyewitness

Ryan (L) and his father Dan “Smokey” Simpson look at the the ruins of
Delacroix Island, Lousiana, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Delacroix Destruction
by Smokey Simpson
Saturday, November 26, 2005

I rode deep into the bowels of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction to Delacroix Island, Louisiana. TV pictures cannot accurately show the real impact of Delacroix. My sunglasses hide my tears and my broken heart as I went up and down Bayou Terre Aux Boufs. I witnessed boats thrown on top of houses — some even partly submurged.

The people of Delacroix Island are strong willed; some locals already rebuilding, others live in tents, in one of the strong fishing villages of South Louisiana. Like most of St. Bernard Parish, Delacroix does not have power. They don’t want pity…all they want is a little help from the rest of America. Someday, Delacroix will be rebuilt — and they will once again provide us with seafood.

The marshes are in ruins — even after being hit hard by Betsy and Camille. Bayous that once had barge traffic, and tugboats pass through them — now are down to a foot of water.

If you plan to come to Delacroix Island, wear your PFD and make sure you let people know where you are going. I ask that you keep the people of St. Bernard Parish and Delacroix Island in your prayers.


2 Responses to BSO Exclusive: Katrina Eyewitness

  1. Anonymous says:

    I ask you, where is the country? Where is the president? They has turned there backs on us here in the south. We need help. We was there for the suenamie and 911.

  2. mariannna says:

    Hi all!

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