Free speech is smoking

Why aren’t cigarettes and other smokable tobaccos illegal in the United States yet? Marijuana is illegal because outside of the hospital it has no medical value at all, much more the opposite. It kills. Sound familiar? Sound like… Tobacco?

The pro-business anti-people right can argue all they want about the first amendment, but the facts are clear. Smoking does nothing for you! It kills you! If smoking tobacco is protected under the first amendment, why aren’t all illegal drugs? If illegal drugs are prosecuted why isn’t tobacco?

If smokers want to kill themselves, why not get ground up into dog food. At least the dogs won’t starve…


16 Responses to Free speech is smoking

  1. Rachel says:

    I actually think that it is a right to smoke and do drugs…IN PRIVATE. Not outside when OTHERS can be hurt. Personally, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, but it’s as much of a right as free speech in America.

  2. Ben says:

    I’m allergic to cigarette smoke.
    If I’m around it, I’ll get cancer.

    I disagree with Rachel. Drugs are illegal and limited for a reason. They are detrimental.

    I don’t see it as free speech.

  3. Jay says:

    I’d rather sit next to a smoker on a bus than a pot head. Cigarettes will never be “outlawed” and drugs are illegal for a reason. I say we let smokers smoke, put druggies behind bars and focus on preventing the use of drugs in society. Smoking is bad for the health of an induvidual, drugs are bad for the health of a society.

  4. Ben says:

    While I’d love to see cigarettes outlawed, I know it will never happen.

    I agree with Jay.

  5. Rachel says:

    The only problem is, that smoking will increase the costs of health care, which is currently covered by the state. Maybe heroin or that kind of stuff should be illegal, but I don’t get the marijuana battle. Maybe smoking should reduce the benefits somebody gets from the health care system.

  6. Tobin says:

    Hmm…I disagree with rachel on this. Denying someone some benefits of healthcare is like making them less of citizen. It’s taking away from the rights that a legal law has given to them. Marijuana and heroin users are still citizens of the United States (until they are proven guilty through due course of law). The fairest option is to ban it altogether. Workers who smoke are allowed breaks to smoke. Isn’t it just wrong that they are being rewarded for smoking, or killing themselves.

  7. Jay says:

    Making smoking “illegal” would not do anything to solve the “smoking problem”. Banning smoking would be just another example America throwing its hard earned tax money away to try and solve a problem which can’t be fixed. Remember the prohibition of the 30’s? The government should not/cannot solve this problem. It is up to the induvidual person to quit smoking. The government cannot do the job that only an induvidual can do. Regarding pot: do we really want another drug legalized in our society? Look at the amount of deaths due to DUI’s per year. I garuntee that # would go up if we legalized Wacky Tobacky. Imagine how many pot heads we’d have on the road?! I just started driving and, I DO NOT want to meet my death on the road because some hippie got “legally” trashed. Pot smokers belong in jail, not behind the wheel of a car.

  8. Tobin says:

    the government has declared pot illegal and it’s still avalible, so why not ban cigarettes and tobacco? jay is absolutly right about the availibility of tobacco after it is declared illegal. He also threw in some fun historical facts to make us swoon. These are not reasons to ban Tobacco, but to crack down on illegal drugs which is irrelivant to this topic. The question still remains, if tobacco is protected under the first amendment, and marijuana isn’t, and they are both bad for you, and they both have no medical value outside of a hospital (tobacco doesn’t even have that), then why isn’t tobacco illegal or marijuana and other drugs legal.

  9. Rachel says:

    It also would just rise the crime rate. Drastically.

  10. Zoë says:

    I agree with Ben and Jay that smoking will probably never be banned. I’d like to point out that it has died down quite a bit. Breaks specifically for smoking are rare, and public places allowing it are even rarer. I agree with Tobin that ideally it would be banned, but I think Jay had an excellent point in bringing up Prohibition. Giving cigarette companies more penalties seems to me like a better solution. The more companies in that business that are killed, the better. As for pot… well, I have mixed opinions there. Smoking, period, is bad for you. It doesn’t matter exactly what you’re smoking as long as you’re inhaling burnt matter. I wouldn’t personally object to the legalization of private marijuana use. I understand others’ concern, but I wouldn’t classify the act of smoking pot as a high crime. Pot’s usually more of a gateway. The problem is how far you’re willing to go for the high, not necessarily the high itself.

  11. Rachel says:

    Hear, hear to Zoe!

  12. Tobin says:

    I don’t know. The problem with penalties is the the tobacco industry is so well imbedded in politics. If penalties were to even pass through the south and remain intact after the lobbyists, their effectivness would be reduced for sure. The tobacco companies are rich, too. I’m not sure that penalties would make much of a difference.

    Unfortunantly, people are greedy.

  13. Jai says:

    I heard Rachel’s call on Air America Radio and felt inspired to visit. After review of some posts from the “contributors” as in this topic, I am inspired to tell you that the “guilt” and “judgements” put out by the likes of Tobin here and Jay who says “pot smokers belong in jail” are more toxic than what you rail against.

    While smoking may introduce poisons into the body, pure smoke used in a ceremonial and sacred manner does not have to be toxic. There are medicinal benefits outside of institutions for both tobacco and marijuana – see Native American use and understand that herbs are a gift of our Mother Earth. It is in the context of use and intent that makes the difference as with the use of Free Speech.

    When you are in balance to become aware of this with more of an accepting consciousness, then you can stop projecting your toxicity on others and really help both yourself and the world at large and make a compassionate contribution. It’s those who are addicted and do anything to excess that can lead to the most harm. I caution you not to be addicted to being so righteous and keep foaming at the mouth.

    I recommend that we move from a paradigm of “guilt and punishment” to one of “love and correction.” To share info and to educate toward self-responsibility is key. One must first “accept what is” and that may be hard to understand at first, especially just reading it in a blog. This is such a mental medium and the brain is imprinted with a vicious streak that if gone unchecked leads the user to being ‘greedy’ by withholding love and inhibiting a Higher Wisdom being applied to solving any problems.

    So, Lighten Up and Leave ‘Em Alone. Have a heart first, even though you may be ‘right’ in your head about what you see as ‘wrong’.

    Peace Be With US!

  14. Rachel says:

    Complicated issue…

  15. Chris says:

    I say just legalize everything! What difference does it make?

  16. Tobin says:

    totally! If we legalize it, we can even control its manufacture and packaging to be sure it is safely made.

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