Jack Thompson is a fascist

Jack Thompson hates video games. He hates them because he thinks they are “murder simulators” and “sexual simulators” which are accessible to anyone who wants them. He asserts that young persons accused of violent crimes have “trained” or “rehearsed” their actions using “murder simulators”. He also blames violence on Islam, expressing his opinion that the Qur’on “promotes the killing of innocent people” and “infidels”, who he claims the Qur’an identifies as Christians and Jews. Thompson frequently makes use of character references, such as when he likened Entertainment Software Association head Doug Lowenstein to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler, and Saddam Hussein. Poor Thompson. He is so deprived of any understanding of naturalistic law or even American values, I am truly curious how he passed high school, much less became a lawyer. It ‘s called the freedom of speech, Jack, and it’s time that people like you, the conservative-religious right, stop telling the rest of us that we’re evil, what to do, or even what not to do.


2 Responses to Jack Thompson is a fascist

  1. Zoë says:

    Whoa there Tobin.
    I’ll agree that comparing Doug Lowenstein to Goebbels, Hitler, and Hussein is wayyyy too extreme. But I don’t understand where naturalistic law or American values come into this, and I don’t think it’s crazy to say video games are murder and sexual simulators. They are. They aren’t meant to be used for the planning of a murder, but obviously they do simulate such and don’t try to hide it. I disagree that most or even many criminals planned or practiced their crimes with a video game, but I do agree with the opinion that continuous simulated violence can innure you to the actual thing.
    And, sorry, but I think it’s going too far to tell “the conservative-religious right” to “stop telling the rest of us that we’re evil, what to do, or even what not to do.” First of all, I don’t see the conservative religious right as one group, though they’ve definitely got themselves lumped together right now, at least on voting. I see the true conservatives as having separated themselves in name from that group at this point. But saying that they call the rest of us evil is just ridiculous. They may not agree with or like us, but I’ll bet you it’s the few and far between that consider us the devil.

  2. Rachel says:



    Jesus shouldn’t be part of politics.

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