New Attacks on the Way?

Bin Laden apparently (although his voice isn’t completely confirmed) has threatened another attack on the US. It’s on the front page of CNN, if you want to see it go there.
The problem with terror is that it works. I’m personally afraid of an attack on anybody who I know, or anybody at all – and for good reason.

So I’ve come up with a list of places he may end up attacking.

1) White house. They tried to hit it on the eleventh, but the incredibly brave people on the airplane steered it away and landed in a field.
2) New York (again). They might try to knock us down twice.
3) California or Hollywood. Famous place – lots of tourists. It seems like a terrible place to attack, too, because there are so many children there.
4) Seattle. Sort of like Hollywood, just with the space needle if they plan on using the plane method again.

That’s all I can come up with. It just sends chills up my spine to even think of another September Eleventh.


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