Heart Scare and Organ Donations

The guy Cheney shot? He had a minor heart attack. Ha. If he died…….wow.

And also, on a different note…

I hope everybody here understands the importance of life – especially in people for whom life is all the more precious because they suffer from an organ condition. Well, you can help. It’s not against any religion – I looked it up myself – but you can become an organ donor by going to shareyourlife.com, the website where you can find out all about organ donation. They take your organ after you die, so it won’t hurt you in life, and you can help continue the chain of life.


2 Responses to Heart Scare and Organ Donations

  1. Sworez says:

    Also when you can drive you can become an organ donor I will and it is a good idea, you might as well help someone live when you die.

  2. Rachel says:


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