Finally, Condi Does Something Right!

I stand with Condi on this one.

From the Jerusalem Post:

US passes resolution halting PA aid
Nathan Guttman and AP, THE JERUSALEM POST
Feb. 16, 2006

The US House of Representatives passed a symbolic resolution late Wednesday expressing support for the shutting down aid to the Palestinian Authority if Hamas continues to advocate the destruction of Israel.

Hamas, which is included in the US State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations, won recent Palestinian elections and is due to be sworn in to parliament Saturday.

The Senate approved the non-binding resolution that passed the House on Wednesday, 418-1.

Appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reiterated that US tax dollars would not be given to a Palestinian government in which Hamas plays a leading role. In response to a remark by Senator George Allen (R-VA), who said he did not want to see “one penny” of American money given to the PA, Rice replied “neither do I.”

Rice did stress, however, that the US would continue its support for humanitarian projects in the Palestinian territories – as long as these funds did not pass through the Palestinian government, and after each program was reviewed.

Rice also met Wednesday with a small group of Jewish leaders to discuss the recent developments in the region and the US reaction to Hamas’s election victory.

I have to say…I don’t know about this “humanitarian” funding. I’d be inhumane to say I was … but … these problems REALLY need to be reviewed. I don’t want my country funding terrorists.


2 Responses to Finally, Condi Does Something Right!

  1. Rachel says:

    You’re right: funding SHOULD be stopped if Hamas is the leader of the government. I think, though, the PA was on track when Abbas was in power and Sharon was bringing things together.

  2. RYAN says:

    First, let’s realize that the Israelis engaged in terrorism before their state was created. The UN allowed that to happen, and then rewarded them. The Palestinians are just following the example that has been shown to be successful!
    Second, we can’t complain about an election that we advocated. Remember, Fatah also was a terrorist group.
    Third, the Israeli government should lose funding, as they are inhumane, and nearly terrorists themselves.
    Fourth, I would rather not know the name of the low-life who deleted my post because he didn’t like it. I thought a blog was supposed to spark thought, not punch out one view and one view only. I am disgusted by this act, as you site, Ben, has now become the pointless thing I was telling you it would when you turned it into a blog. It isn’t getting ANYTHING done, except trumpet one view. No-one is going to read one-view-only and have any progress made.

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