Hamas wants PEACE

Hamas says that it will agree to a long-term truce with Israel, including recognizing it as a country, if the Israelis withdraw from the West Bank. This could be seen as Israel accepting a Palestinian state alongside their country.
To those of you who say that Jordan is Palestine, what would happen if George Bush said tomorrow that “New Hampshire is Maine”, and forced you to move from your home, without recompensation? Would you go along with it peacefully? I doubt it.
One last thing, when Hamas gives its word, believe it. It’s Israel that has broken the peace treaties before.
Thanks for your time…


One Response to Hamas wants PEACE

  1. Rachel says:

    …um…..not meaning to pop your bubble, but that’s not how things work. Israel can’t let down their guard. And, of course, Hamas being a terrorist organization and all, I don’t trust them.

    But continue with your idealistic thoughts……

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