Jimmy "Hello Kitty" Carter

(Cross Posted at DailyKos.)

Okay, I randomly click on the Yahoo! button on my Firefox toolbar, and I see the Yahoo! News Headline: Hello Kitty to get Own International TV Show. Isn’t that special. But then I see, Carter: U.S. Should Not Punish Palestinains.

This infuriates me. I know it’s extreme to say that the Palestinian people are terrorists, because I suppose they aren’t. But, if one repeatedly votes to elect a Republican, wouldn’t you say that that person is a Republican? So, if someone votes to elect terrorists, that person, logically would be a terrorist.

The United States does not fund terrorists. Period. Remember the group who ran to the streets in celebration on 9/11? Now, Jimmy Carter, a man I once respected — even called the “Greatest Ex-President of All-Time” wants to hand a check to those who celebrated the the worst attack on American Soil — in history. Disgusting.

You know, I don’t support the war in Iraq. But when one of our allies is at risk, I sure as hell support the United States taking a stand. Jimmy Carter seems to want to put weapons in the hands of terrorists. Now, yes, Jimmy Carter is a pacifist…but…


And Jimmy “Hello Kitty” Carter better sit down, and shut up.
Sorry, Jimmy, but on this issue, I stand with the President.


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