A Cause Worth Fighting For #2

This’ll be a recurring thing: I will post up some information about a new group every month, week, or whenever I’m bored.

So far we have the organ donations. This month, I’ll tell you about NOW, the National Organization for Women.

NOW has been around since 1966 (my grandmother has been a member since then) and it has continually fought for women’s rights, mostly on the topic of abortion. They are around to end sexism in politics as well as normal life, and do so through lawsuits, pickets, and non-violent civil disobedience. They bring strength to women and represent them.

NOW is not politically affiliated, although they tend to have liberal ideas on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and war.

Currently, there are 500,000 active members in NOW, but they are growing larger every day. You can join them by going to NOW.org and filling out a form provided on the Join|Donate link.

Men can join too! Feminism does not have to only apply to women: feminist men are not nessesarily “gay” or “girly”. Don’t listen to Schwartzenegger. You’re not a ‘girly-man,’ if you take that sexist term seriously.


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