Too old for medicare, too old for women to care….

I saw Kinky Friedman tonight at SXSW (South by Southwest, the awesomest Austin thing all year round) and he just made a cutesy little speech highlighting how he plans to bring money to the education system through gambling and reopen all Indian casinos.

Well, being underaged and all, I don’t know what the casinos are like, but how moral is it to relate casinos with schools? I think that all it’ll do is bring gambling into the school system negatively. If a student enjoys school and finds that they are being supported by gamblers, they may decide to get into gambling – something that is incredibly hard to get away from.


4 Responses to Too old for medicare, too old for women to care….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Texas Public Schools are already benefiting from the Texas State Lottery:

    Prior to 1997, the proceeds were allocated to the General Revenue Fund. Since 1997, all Texas Lottery proceeds have gone to the Foundation School Fund to support public education in Texas. The Texas Lottery has contributed more than $8 billion to the Foundation School Fund, and of that total, over $1 billion was contributed in FY ’05. Other Texas Lottery funds, such as unclaimed prizes, revert back to the State for programs authorized by the Texas Legislature.

    ·50 Prizes – 58%
    ·51 Foundation School Fund – 30%
    ·52 Administration – 7%
    ·53 Retailers – 5%

  2. Rachel says:


  3. Sworez says:

    If they think that they are supporting the school then the natural teenage reaction is to then boy cot it.

  4. Rachel says:

    I know that I come from a rather good background having had a private school education, but I know some public school students and they actually enjoy school…

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