Katie Couric: Traitor

Is Katie a traitor??? I think so. As a long time admirer of NBC and Katie, I am ashamed that she has, “all but made her final decision” to switch to being the sole anchor for CBS Evening News. Couric is reportedly disputing over money at this point – she would be making about $1 million less then she is on Today, but then again, what is a million dollars to Katie???

I really don’t think that Katie is in it for the money; at least I hope not. I think that she realizes the power that comes with the job. She would be the first female evening network news anchor, and would reign as queen of network news. The power and prestige is what I think she is after. I’m sure that ABC and NBC are shaking in their boots at the thought of such a powerhouse going to the evening news on another network. I would be. Katie has a reputation that will drag viewers to CBS right ricky-tick.

Realizing that this will never happen, I would like to see Katie replace Brian Williams. I have nothing against Brian, but I feel as though NBC tried to replace Tom Brokaw. I think that they should have gotten some fresh blood in there to liven up the show (don’t get me wrong, I loved Tom Brokaw.)

NBC is expected to make an announcement this week whether or not Katie is staying or going. Ironically, this Wednesday is Katie’s 15th anniversary as co-host of Today. Right now, I’m sure that the only thing that Katie is thinking about in her mind is the Clash song, “Should I stay or Should I go?!”

For now, I’m Off.


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