Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Ok…so I don’t get this. The Deputy Press Secretary for the Homeland Security Department was arrested tonight. What for?

a) domestic wiretapping
b) solicitation of a minor
c) obstruction of justice
d) shoplifting at a Target
e) kiting personal funds

If you guessed (b), you’re correct! Apparently Bryan Doyle went after what he believed to be a teenage girl, over the internet. He sent pornographic material, and sent photos — clean photos. The best part? The “girl” was an undercover agent in Polk County, Florida. According to the Associated Press, he gave out his name, told that he worked for the Homeland Security department, and gave out his personal cell phone number — issued by the United States Government.

Doyle’s been charged, according to the AP, “of 16 counts of transmission of harmful material to a minor.”

It’s nice to know that our Government is … er … at work!


5 Responses to Your Tax Dollars at Work!

  1. Rachel says:


    freaking males

    and their freaking male parts

    they should all be chopped off.

  2. Kevin says:

    …so your advocating the end of the human race? We need those “freaking male parts” to survive and continue the propogation of the species.

  3. Rachel says:

    humans never did anything anyway

    we suck

  4. Jay says:

    Earth to Rachel, YOU ARE A HUMAN! And what about all those female teachers Raping young male students, ehhh??? I don’t understand, it’s ok to kill a human fetus but not a deer. Whatever, I’m too tired to care….

  5. Rachel says:

    FIRSTLY I am a human, but humans need some sort of I don’t KNOW what – as a group we’re all beyond repair

    SECONDLY female teachers raping young male students is just as disgusting as the other way around. It’s still less common.

    THIRDLY I know that you don’t care about women being raped and then having their attacker’s children, but that’s just more evidence that the human race is only ruining itself.

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