A few things are bugging me about the ways that the bloggers here ethics in situations.

Firstly – ANWR. I understand that you want cheap gas – that’s great. But to say that animals will just GROW back is ridiculous. You know the panda? They’re almost gone. The tiger? Oh, they’ll grow back….the rainforest? It’s just a few million animals…

Get the point?

Second – Abortion. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK IT SHOULD BE BANNED NO MATTER WHAT – what do you think you’re DOING? I know you’re some sort of male or something, but women who are FORCED to have the children of rapists end up having difficult lives and usually can’t take good care of the babies after they’re born. Do you care about the babies, or being “saved” by Jesus?

Third. Israel. My views mostly follow the Kadima party. Luckily for me, only my opinion matters since I’m a dual citizen. The idea of killing all Palestinians is ridiculous – the ones who are insane with religion and bomb for it are not all of them, and it should not even be implied that they all have the same belief. That’s like saying that all of America is Republican because of that shrub that’s in office. The people who say that all of Israel should be given away are also sorely mistaken – we’ve fought for it and won the land. I know I’m sounding really religious like this, but it IS the promised land, to be shared with the people of Ishmael.

Just a few thoughts…


4 Responses to RAPE? MURDER? DO YOU CARE?

  1. Ben says:

    Rachel, with all due respect, Kadima is for slicing and dicing Israel into smaller pieces — which will ultimately lead to the creation of another Palestinian State.

    If Jordan has existed as a Palestinian state since 1948, why do we need another?

  2. Jay says:

    Ever heard of Adoption???? I guess not.

  3. sjsg59 says:

    I wonder how many pro-lifers out there will open their pocketbooks and help pay for the care and education of the unadoptable babies?

    The other thing that I don’t understand about the right wing conservatives are how they preach the values of being prolife, and yet they are the first in line cheering on executions. Why aren’t these lives worth saving as well?

    When I elect a president, I elect an officer of the country…I don’t elect someone to play G-d.

  4. Rachel says:

    It is SO hard to go through a pregnancy

    and then to give up the baby? The mother might end up making a choice she will regret

    bad idea

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