Coming Straight from the "Chocolate City"

Coming Straight from the chocolate city, racist Ray Nagin has been re-elected to the mayoral seat in New Orleans. While I think that Nagin did the best he could during the Katrina disaster (believe me, I know that it is know walk in the park), some of his post Katrina comments, such as deeming New Orleans a “chocolate city,” were WAY out of line. You and I know DAMN WELL that if opponent, Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu had deemed New Orleans a “vanilla city,” every single black rights group in the WORLD would be on his back about it. Blacks want equality, but it seems to me that what they have gotten is superiority.

He looks a little giddy, doesn’t the little racist bugger.


One Response to Coming Straight from the "Chocolate City"

  1. Ben says:

    All things considered, I think Nagin did a pretty good job.

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