Karl Rove is the MAN!

Today, the left lost it’s “Christmas is June” when special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald annonced that he would NOT seek Rove’s indictment. The moment this case broke out, the left already had Karl Rove in an orange jumpsuit sharing a cell with some guy named Jamal at some federal prison somewhere. They thought that this issue was “a defining example of corruption at the Bush White House” and, that it would inevitably propel them into power. As I knew they would be, they were 100% WRONG. Rove is cleared, al-Zarqawi is dead, Bilbray was elected, and the economy continues to flourish and creates jobs. So just go ahead liberals, count your election chickens before they hatch, you’ll get a major reality shock- yet again- come election day.


2 Responses to Karl Rove is the MAN!

  1. Madelyn says:

    What about Scooter? What about inflation?

    I read an article about our rebuilding efforts in Iraq…what about the levys in New Orleans? We’re being so generous helping to get the Iraqi people settled into their new government with new constructions and cash…what about the people still living in FEMA trailers?

    We are selling gasoline to the Iraqi people for $ .05/gallon!!! What about ME?

    What about the poor of rural America?

    It’s time that America took care of its own. With a Republican administration, that is never going to happen.

  2. Rachel says:


    -wipes tear-

    Karl Rove is the man?

    -wipes other tears-

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