Since we have narrowed the debate to MSNBC, because ABC, CNN, and CBS are obviously liberal, here we go. I can only give you hard quotes B. Sorry, a couple of these are repeats because they pertain to the topic… Of course personal opinions enter into the realm of reporting, B. Their personal lives do matter and they translate into their reporting. For a good journalist, personal opinion shouldn’t be a player but, in many cases it does. I’ve provided a couple of quotes. The point with using the guests as examples, i.e. the KC quotes, the media doesn’t seem to show Conservatives that kind of “kinship”. An example of that is down at the bottom of this post with Bush and David Gregory on Hard Ball. Speaking of Hard Ball, C. Matthews is NOOO “conservative”. Clintonites hated him, true, but recently he has proved to be just as left wing as any progressive politician out there. Remember when Zell challenged him to a duel??? I’ve been listening to NBC over dinner since I was like four and MSNBC isn’t as bad as CNN (Communist News Network, ABC, or CBS). Here are a few more examples B. JUST FROM NBC AND MSNBC!

“Karl Rove’s legal team has told me that they expect that a decision will come sometime in the next two weeks. And I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.”
— MSNBC correspondent David Shuster on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, May 8.

“Well, sometimes when you’re trying to track a secret grand jury investigation, the legal sources, the defense lawyers who have witnesses in front of that grand jury, sometimes they get it wrong, and that seemed to be the case in this particular case….The issue, they [defense lawyers] say, though, is not that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald concluded that the case was unwinnable, rather that it was not a slam dunk.”David Shuster on MSNBC’s Countdown June 13, after news that Rove would not be indicted.

Is it crossing the line? A conservative author’s attack on 9/11 widows. This time, has the debate in this country just gone too far?…Later, perhaps you’ve watched it unfold this week on TV. Why is one controversial conservative author attacking the widows of 9/11? Why some are now asking, ‘Have you no shame?’…When we come back after a break, did civility in this country just a take a turn for the worse?…Just when you think it seems like there are no limits on anything, someone comes along and makes a comment that goes over the line. The line that is shared by just about everybody because some things, it turns out, are still sacred.”
— NBC’s Brian Williams promoting and introducing a June 7 Nightly News story about complaints against conservative author Ann Coulter’s book Godless.


“Why are the Democrats so conservative on this war? I was looking at the fundraising money. Is the fact that the Democrats are getting a lot of fat cat money now, more conservative people contributing to the party, an explanation of — if you were getting your money from college professors, you wouldn’t have this problem. You’re getting it from rich people….Is this steering the Democratic Party to a more conservative position on the war? The money?… I don’t hear 200 Democrats out there talking [against] the war the way you are.”— MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to Democratic Congressman John Murtha on Hardball, June 12.

“The war of the world: What do Nazis have to do with Al Gore or global warming? What’s up with attack ads against a guy that’s not running for anything?…Inside the ‘Swift-Boating’ of Al Gore….Al Gore wants to do something admirable like save the planet. And what do critics call him? Hitler. The ‘Swift-Boating’ of Al Gore already in full swing…. The former VP relaunches his campaign to save the world from global warming. His critics decide to ignore the science and attack Al Gore.”
— Fill-in host Brian Unger teasing an upcoming segment on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, May 30. As evidence of a smear campaign against Gore, Unger cited a quote from a meteorologist in the 78th paragraph of a Washington Post Magazine story and TV ads from the Competitive Enterprise Institute that do not mention Gore and whose tag line gently explains basic science: “Carbon dioxide: They call it pollution. We call it life.”

NBC’s David Gregory Refers to Karl Rove “Eluding Prosecution”
Using language which painted Karl Rove as a guilty party who succeeded at avoiding capture by authorities, not proving his innocence, in his NBC Nightly News story on Wednesday (also carried at the top of MSNBC’s Countdown) about President George W. Bush’s morning Rose Garden press conference, David Gregory asserted: “Mr. Bush dodged several questions about Karl Rove eluding prosecution in the CIA leak case.” The Oxford Concise Dictionary, built into the Corel WordPerfect I used to write this, defines “elude” as “evade or escape adroitly from.” offers: “To evade or escape from, as by daring, cleverness, or skill.” Their illustrative example in a sentence: “The suspect continues to elude the police.”

Matthews: Big Donors Making Democrats Too Conservative & Pro-War
In the Clinton years, Clinton fans loathed Chris Matthews, locating him firmly inside the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. In the Bush years, Matthews is whacked regularly by the left and by the right. On Monday, the MRC’s Geoff Dickens noticed, Matthews sounded just like another disgruntled member of as he interviewed John Murtha. Matthews presumed the Democrats are too conservative: “Why are the Democrats so conservative on this war?”

Robert Redford: Bush Energy Policy ‘A Disaster’ and ‘An Insult’
On Monday, movie star/director Robert Redford appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball to discuss environmentalism. Hardballs weren’t really expected. Remember Chris Matthews fawning over Jane Fonda?) MRC’s Geoff Dickens found that Redford sounded predictable notes about how Bush and Cheney were “living in the ’50s” with their energy policies, driven by their oil riches and narrow minds. Al Gore’s film showed that green groups had idealism comparable to JFK and Martin Luther King. So why can’t the Democrats win? They’re too “open to all points of view.”

MSNBC Chief Rick Kaplan Leaves, FOB Had Hailed Rather’s Accuracy
Rick Kaplan and MSNBC announced his departure Wednesday from the least-watched cable news network where he had toiled as its President since February of 2004. Kaplan has a long record of friendly relations with former President Bill Clinton and hostility to conservatives — as well as admiration for Dan Rather combined with condescension for conservative critics of Rather — during his career with ABC News, CNN and MSNBC. The AP’s David Bauder on Wednesday night noted “speculation” that Kaplan “might be a candidate to run Good Morning America” now that the ABC show’s Executive Producer, Ben Sherwood, “announced five days ago he was stepping down.”

“In the most recent survey, your disapproval rating is now one point lower than Richard Nixon’s before he resigned the presidency….Do you think it’s possible that, like Nixon and Watergate, that the American people have rendered a final judgment of disapproval on you and your war in Iraq?”
— NBC’s David Gregory to President Bush in an interview shown May 18 on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

“The Senate votes to make English America’s official language. Plus, the Senate push to ban gay marriage picks up steam today. Could these two right turns alienate the American middle?…Could it be ’92 all over again? The Bush administration hoping to rally the base with a hard turn to the right on a host of exclusionary issues….The immigration debate taking its own hard turn to the right. The Senate voting to make American, rather, English, the official language of the land….Also on the far right’s greatest hit list, gay marriage.”
— NPR’s Brian Unger filling in as host of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, May 19. A recent Gallup poll found 58% oppose giving gay couples “the same rights as traditional marriages,” while a Zogby poll found 84% in favor of making English the official language.

o-host Matt Lauer: “Some religious groups….wanted a disclaimer at the beginning of this movie [The DaVinci Code] saying it is fiction because, again, one of the themes in the book really knocks Christianity right on its ear, if Christ survived the Crucifixion he did not die for our sins and therefore was not resurrected….How would you have all felt if there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie? Would it have been okay with you?” Actor Ian McKellen: “Well, I’ve often thought that the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying, ‘This is fiction.’”
— NBC’s Today, May 17.

Matthews: Rather “Nothing Like the Portrait Painted…by Critics”
“Dan is nothing like the portrait painted and believed in by critics,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews insisted in a eulogy to Dan Rather delivered over the weekend on his syndicated Chris Matthews Show. Matthews contended: “Dan Rather’s a hard-charging journalist who has tangled with big shots, Washington insiders who love nothing so much as the closed door. For pounding on that door with all his being, Dan Rather will be remembered when many of the rest of us are long forgotten.”


3 Responses to MSNBC and NBC

  1. Ben says:


    All of those quotes are QUESTIONS to challenge a guest on the issues.

    You’re giving me quotes. Explain how those quotes show a bias?

    Take the Matt Lauer quote on ‘Da Vinci’ … he was quoting someone who you deem “liberal.” Ian McKellen is not an employee of NBC UNIVERSAL, therefore he does not reflect the opinion of NBC.

    Try again, buddy.

  2. Ben says:

    Furthermore, where are you getting your quotes?

  3. Jay (back from work and tired) says:

    Ben, if you want to do research of your own, I got the vast majority of my quotes from The Media research Center is a watchdog group that monitors the media and it’s content. In researching MSNBC and NBC, my findings were not as extensive as results for CNN, ABC, and CBS; However, I was able to find plenty of clear examples of liberal bias @ NBC. You mentioned that all of these questions were “to challenge a guest on the show.” Ben, there is a clear difference between a “challenging question” and a pointed question. A pointed question seeks to portray your point of view over another’s or it seeks to have a “guest” admit a certain “fact” that is upheld by the interrogator. An example of a pointed question: “In the most recent survey, your disapproval rating is now one point lower than Richard Nixon’s before he resigned the presidency….Do you think it’s possible that, like Nixon and Watergate, that the American people have rendered a final judgment of disapproval on you and your war in Iraq?” Benjamin, tell me that question ISN’T pointed. It has two purposes: 1.) David Gregory clearly used this question to make a comparison between Bush and Nixon and to paint Bush as even “more unpopular” than Nixon. 2.) It’s phrased, not in a typical news question format, but rather as if David were debating the president. As the few, the proud, the CHS public forum debaters would tell you, this question is a prime example of one used in a typical “cross fire round,” not a news show. Take a look at the MRC…. I would type more but I AM POOPED!

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