The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has entered the Gaza strip following Gilad Shalit’s sunday kidnapping. Israel is holding Hamas, which was democratically voted into office by the Palestinians, responsible for the kidnapping and has therefore entered Gaza, knocked down two bridges in order to lower the amount of area that Shalit’s captors can travel, cut out most power in Gaza using airstrikes, and the Israeli ambassador to the United States has said that Israel is still hoping to return Shalit.

This was just waiting to happen. After Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip in September, the Palestinians did vote in Hamas. At that point, I was actually willing to give them a chance – and I’m Israeli – although most Israelis would probably disagree. At this point it’s clear that Hamas is unfit as a government and must be abolished. The best time, in my opinion, between Israel and “Palestine” was when Arafat had just died, Ariel Sharon wasn’t a vegetable, and the leader of the PA was Mahmoud Abbas.

Kadima, the party the Sharon founded, was based on the idea of sharing. Kindergarten is where we learned this, children. The Gaza strip should have been given to the Palestinians, and the rest of Israel (save the West Bank) should belong to the Israelis. In my opinion, this would have all been easier if the Palestinians hadn’t rejected the original United Nations plan to split Israel basically in two. Click here for the map; goldenrod indicates Arab territory, green indicates Israeli territory. The cream color indicates what I think is the best idea, due to its value to many cultures and religions: an international city of Jerusalem. At this point, though, it would be impossible to move the Israelis and Palestinians from their homes and into these different territories. This is why we should give the West Bank to the Palestinians on the condition that Hamas is removed from the PA.

My prayers are with Gilad Shalit and his family. May he return home safe.


11 Responses to GAZA UNDER ATTACK

  1. Ben Goodman says:

    You know, I just don’t get it. First I read on MSNBC that Hamas is close to finally recognizing Israel, and then I read here that they’ve taken a soldier hostage.

    More proof for those who say that the PLO isn’t a terrorist organization — it IS. Maybe they were “democratically elected,” — but it’s time we start holding the Palestinian people accountable.

    Israel should have NEVER pulled out.
    All the more reason they need Binyamin Netanyahu.

    I really wish Likud would have a decent control of the Knesset.

  2. Matt says:

    My God, when will all of you get it? Yet again, Israel has used an invasion and the inhuman concept of collective punishment to try and cover their own actions. Yes, Hamas has been elected. Yes, they are militant. Yes, there is division in their party over the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit (may God keep him safe). But there is a reason why they were elected. I do not condone terrorism. However, Fatah had thirty years of power when they demanded that Israel listen to the voices of reason and diplomacy to guarantee the independence and freedom of the Palestinian people in their own homeland. They refused to grant the Palestinians anything more than second-class status.

    There is obviously no autonomy or sovereignty in Gaza Strip, as Israel believes its basic utilities to be disposable and its connections to the outside world severable. Palestinians still cannot walk down their own streets, pray at their own mosques or even lay on their own beaches without the fear of death from the sky.

    Is it any wonder that they elected those with force and weapons to lead them? Look how far peace got them.

    I am pro-Fatah and strongly in favor of a two-party system. The suicide bombings, rocket strikes, assassinations, murders and flat-out terrorism committed by fanatical Palestinians is deplorable. However, it is not a blank check for Israel to use air strikes, assassinations, murders and bombings against the Palestinian people as a whole.

    Hamas won the most recent elections, yes, but largely due to local outrage over Fatah’s corruption. In the national half of the elections, Hamas won a very close victory. The Palestinian people want healthcare, an economy and clean government, like anyone else. They, too, are outraged at the senseless violence and terrorism that has ripped open their homeland, their Holy Land and their lives. They are not, by any means, a terroristic people. All they want is a future.

    Until Israel realizes that terrorism is the result of, not a justification for, imperialism in Palestine, this senseless cycle of death will continue. The rivers of blood will continue to flow ever so deeply until the United States and the world stand firmly behind both the Palestinians and the Israelis in demanding a two-state solution.

    How many more must die, how many more illegal invasions must happen and how many more good people must suffer before we realize that peace AND freedom are the only ways?

  3. Matt says:

    I guess I’m not quite done yet.

    I’m morally outraged that Israel, yet again, has chosen to use violence and imperialist philosophy to control others in their own homeland. The Palestinian people have faced abuse after abuse at the hands of the Israelis. It is, of course, reprehensible that a corporal in the Israeli Army has been taken hostage and that a teenager from the West Bank has been killed by violent extremists. However, it is also reprehensible that Israel has responded, as it often does, with collective punishment. Bombing Gaza’s only power plant and destroying water lines was not collateral damage and it was not necessary for securing Israeli citizens. Nor was using tractors to destroy agricultural fields or arresting one third of the elected Palestinian parliament, one third of the Palestinian cabinet and the man elected as second-in-command of the Palestinian Authority. Israel has waited since the Gaza pullout to show that they still have absolute control without alienating their Western allies. They have waited for years to pull a stunt like the military flyover at the Syrian president’s home. Israel, once again, is showing a disturbing lack of commitment to peace and a two-state solution when it comes down to the frontlines. I have been praying quite often for Corporal Gilad Shalit, Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, all of the troops being used as pawns by Hamas and Olmert and for the peoples of Israel and Palestine. I cannot believe that the day after a treaty was signed between Fatah and Hamas implicitly recognizing Israel as a nation (probably the most promising action since Hamas took power), Israel shattered dreams of peace and illegally invaded supposedly sovereign territory. It breaks my heart to see that the Holy Land has again fallen into violence and warfare. Do the Israelis even want peace? Of course. Do their leaders? I cannot honestly say. They refused to negotiate for freedom with Fatah. Now, they must deal with Hamas, like it or not. To destroy a democratically-elected government that is finally showing progress is an absolute tragedy and a grave error.

    A surgical strike or a special operation is the way to saving a young man’s life. A total invasion is the way to break a nation’s spirit.

  4. Matt says:

    Great. Now I’m taking myself off of the soapbox. I don’t mean to be disrespectful towards the Israelis. I certainly disagree with what has happened and what is happening, but I’m sorry if I exploded. I feel very passionately about this and, as I said, I am morally outraged. Forgive me if I was too harsh. I really do want to hear what you think of this, regardless of whether we agree or not. I have passion, but respect above it. If you have other opinions, or if you point-blank disagree with me, please understand that I am not angry at those I disagree with. War just brings out the worst in people, the most intense emotions. Point in case.

  5. Rachel says:

    Hm. You brought up plenty of interesting points, and many of your points are reasons that I’d consider myself a Sharon fan. They do not believe that Palestine should be Israel, but I’m certain that he would have done more strategized thinking in order to save innocent Palestinian people.

    Of course, Israel was provoked and Gaza leaders should have thought about the reaction first. How can they know that they won’t be attacked? One kidnapping can lead to much more, and right now if Israel doesn’t jump when they’re threatened they can EASILY be taken down by the surrounding Arab countries. It’s a difficult issue.

    My philosophy? Make love, not war.

  6. Matt says:

    Yes, Israel was provoked. However, they’re just asking for trouble by making innocent people pay because of terrorists who happen to share their traditions. Imagine if all whites were judged because of the actions of the KKK and Nazis. Why are all Palestinians punished because of the actions of Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

    Israel’s military is, and has been proven to be, more than capable of dealing with threats. If they really want safety, they need to get out of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. If Palestine is independent because of Israel’s commitment to peace, even the most hard-line Arabs will rethink their positions on Israel.

  7. Ben Goodman says:

    Just to clarify — these are the same Palestinians who danced in the streets on 9/11? Who blow up busses full of innocent Israelis? Who breed suicide bombers, and make no bones about their purpose in life? Remember the picture of the baby dressed as the suicide bomber?

    I respect and admire Ariel Sharon for everything he did — except for the Gaza pullout. Binyamin Netanyahu should have received an award for pulling out of the cabinet.

    Matt, you seem to be great with history. In 1948, the Jews were given Israel, and the Palestinians were given Jordan. Tell me, Matt, why must we take more of Israel for the Palestinians?

    I don’t know how you can justify Palestinian terrorism. I can’t figure out all of you who say “Israel is repressing the Palestinians, and that’s terrorism!” — to me, Israel is simply protecting Israel.

    When’s the last time a bunch of Israeli’s blew up a bus?

  8. Rachel says:

    For the name of goodness in cows, Ben! You’re SMART. You should know that a people can’t be ALL bad! No matter what the Palestinians did first, it’s Israel’s job as a JEWISH STATE to go through and NOT kill the people who aren’t enemies, and that includes the MILLIONS of innocent Palestinians who were there FIRST. They were promised the land too, by Ishmael. Just because the Jews were promised the land by Isaac does NOT mean that it shouldn’t be shared by our brothers.

  9. Kevin says:

    Isn’t forcing the Palestanians off of their land and into Jordan just a big old case of Eminent Domain? As long as an individual Palestanian obeys the just laws of their chosen land, they can live wherever the hell hey choose.

    The cycle of violence that the Palestanians have engaged in for the last 100 years reminds me of the Crips-Bloods war that raged through America’s inner-city throughout the 80s. I once remember reading a story about a mother who lost a child in the violence. Her son, mistaken for a Blood because he was wearing a red jersey, was shot by a TEC-9 toting Crip. In a sense, this is the same thing that is happening with the Isreal/Palestanian conflict-young men and women, in the wrong place at the wrong time, cut down by thugs blinded by hate and fury.

    Although I am mildly dissapointed at Isreal’s pullout. Isreal has the right to control their borders, you know….

  10. Kevin says:

    Did I say 100? I meant 50

  11. Ben says:

    Rachel, I’m by no means saying that I am against the PALESTINIAN people. But the fact of the matter is, the majority of the people voted for Hamas. In my eyes, that means a majority of the people support terrorism. While I believe STRONGLY, as you know, in the voice of the minority, I can’t support a people ruled by Hamas.

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