The Moral Majority

What will happen when the moderate Christians stop talking? What will happen when the last preacher focused on centrist Christian values and fundamentals goes off the air? What will happen when the religious right has control of this country, like it has so badly wanted since its founding? Will there be peace, virtue, justice and salvation? Here’s a tidbit of what could happen if any one group gets too powerful.

-The First Amendment: despite all of that talk about Christian tolerance and holy freedom, it only really applies to speech that is morally-appropriate. Besides, the Founding Fathers, even Thomas Jefferson the Deist, really meant for America to be a Christian nation with a Christian government. It isn’t like any un-orthodox thinkers or radicals helped revive the concept of representative government in America, fifteen hundred years after the fall of Rome. No way. It was totally conservative Puritans all the way.

-The Second Amendment: though shalt not kill, but thou shalt own many fun and exciting weapons! Don’t worry about bringing your sniper rifles and assault weapons to, oh, I don’t know, school, church, the workplace, or wherever else. It’s all in the Constitution!

-The Fourteenth Amendment: equal protection of the laws obviously doesn’t apply to gays, liberals and citizens of San Francisco. I mean, really, they shouldn’t even be citizens anyways! What’s the big deal? Marriage is an ancient tradition. Of course, the accompanying tax breaks and legal rights are a little new, but why do gays need them anyway?! They really aren’t fundamental freedoms (except for my wife and I, of course!).

-Free Trade: look, we’re all brothers and sisters, right? So why not spread the love and employ as many people as we can in our corporate factories? It’s all in the family! Of course, there are those who are, unfortunately, less well-off than we are, but $1 a day from Nike is better than $0.50 and some beans a day from the farm, right?

-Enter the Mega: mega-malls are sinfully commercialistic and must be closed to save our youth from corruption. Let’s put up mega-churches, mega-corporations and mega-mansions instead! The Gospel of Wealth is right in there next to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Ken Lay, right?

-Religious liberty: it’s high-time for us to accept all conservative heterosexual male Protestant wealthy church-goers with jobs as our brothers.

-Immigration: God knows no bounds, but we sure do! English is obviously the chosen language. Every Bible in the country is written in it! Besides, gay flag-burning Mexicans might threaten our European Christian cultural heritage.

-Foreign policy: torture saves lives, as does bombing Palestinian streets, intervening to defend right-wing dictators in foreign nations, propping up old European empires and banning the Japanese from having a military. Heck, even taking out the occasional South American leftist isn’t a bad idea.

Look, I’m a practicing and confirmed Roman Catholic with deep religious beliefs. The near-hegemony of the far-right and extremist evangelicals on theology and Christianity in this country, however, disgusts me. For them to rush to the aid of conservative Republicans almost unthinkingly and to stand on a pedestal of self-righteous proselytism is just not right. I’m all in favor of open theological discussion. I have friends who are evangelical conservatives. I know that they are often good people, but where are the moderate voices of Christianity? Where’s the focus on social and economic justice? How is it that values-voters are those who support a flag-burning amendment and lower taxes, rather than foreign aid and opposition to the death penalty?

Christianity is a noble faith which I am blessed to follow. I welcome all people to the table when it comes to religious discussions. I just don’t understand why it is that the media only speaks about Pat Buchanan and Pat Roberts, instead of hearing more voices like Joel Osteen and the priests in my hometown. We are also a moral, if not silent, majority.

What ever happened to diversity?


6 Responses to The Moral Majority

  1. Matt says:

    By the way, I believe that moral votes could increase the minimum wage, replace free trade with fair trade, bring peace to troubled places, help free the oppressed in our world, look for ways to secure our borders and help immigrants, protect our people, recognize and embrace diversity in views and people, ensure that every person here (and eventually abroad) has healthy and sufficient amounts of food, water, electricity, medicine, shelter, clothing, work, inclusion, safety, stability, healthcare, protection, rights, dignity and support and ensure that no one is ever excluded from our society without regards to the goodness in their souls.

  2. Matt says:

    Not to mention something about saving the environment and protecting the lives of the unborn, as well as caring for our seniors, children, disadvantaged and working together to build better communities.

  3. Kevin says:

    “-Religious liberty: it’s high-time for us to accept all conservative heterosexual male Protestant wealthy church-goers with jobs as our brothers.”

    I laughed so hard at this line.

    I agree with most of this. Although I slightly disagree with you on the Second Amendment, and almost tottally agree with you at immigration.

  4. Matt says:

    I’m in favor of gun rights and the more conservative interpretations of the Second Amendment, ironically. I just don’t feel comfortable around those “Christian pastors” who swing their shotguns around mid-sermon.

    One of my idiotic friends, when telling me why he’s a conservative, said, “Who are you more afraid of, a bunch of pot-smoking hippies who want to love you or a bunch of in-bred hillbillies from Kentucky armed with sawed-off shotguns?”

    That says it all for me.

  5. Mark says:

    As a happy atheist I fear the day America is turned into a right-wing, religious bastion, as your posting muses on. As an atheist, I figure I’ll be among the first rounded up and done away with, much like the portrayal of gays in V for Vendetta.

    But I fear leftist power as much, especially as alluded to in this posting.

    Frankly, both the left and the right are wrong. They are swimming in relativism, drowning for lack of a standard. The right desires to crush me because they’re god tells them so. The left wants me controlled and malleable becuase the great majority, the vile common good, wishes it so.

    The left has this problem and it is bared in the same-sex marriage discussion, for example.

    It is this: are rights subject to a vote? If not, if they are inalienable as I would argue, then the actions of those who oppose same-sex marriage is immoral.

    But if rights are subject to a vote, say as the left wishes to do so with gun and property rights, then their argument for same-sex marriage being a right, beyond voting, rings hollow. All viewpoints are valid if it is the “common good” that gets to set the terms of your rights. Practicing relativism carries you down these slippery slopes, you see. Who gets to decide what rights are up for vote, and which are not?

    I suggest that man is born with rights inherent, that they are a right life, liberty and property, and they are beyond the reach of any government body or vociferous constituency.

    btw…love the line “gay flag-burning Mexicans…” It gives a new mental image when the fast food worker says to me, “Ola, Senor!” I’m kidding…I’m kidding!


  6. Matt says:

    I entirely agree that the left and right wings are faulted, especially in that the left and right somehow believe that one viewpoint on the death penalty somehow correlates with how you feel about taxes. It makes no sense. Each issue needs to be examined individually.

    Glad you liked the gay flag-burning Mexicans. Unfortunately, I have to give dittoes to James Carville on CNN for that one!

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