Live from San Jose, it’s Tuesday Night!

This week I have had the privilege to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology (NYLF/TECH) in San Jose, California. This conference brings together 1200 High School Students from all over the world to experience and enjoy the field of technology in the technology capital of the world, Silicone Valley.

I was invited to this conference late last year and accepted the challenge of making this trip across the country to visit Silicone Valley. This trip, while it was expensive, has so far, been worth the cost. Everything is immaculately planned out and strategically timed. All of the events are tremendous and are presented by leaders in the tech field. Today we heard from the CTO of Xerox, Thursday we will hear from Blake Ross, the founder or Firefox (my favorite browser, by the way).

We not only hear presentations, today we got to visit some corporations in the area. Personally, I visited the Oracle Corporation. Oracle is the world’s leading database company. They not only make the databases, they make the middleware, and the front end for these databases as well. We were greeted and welcomed into the Oracle World Headquarters’ Visitors Center. We were presented with gifts and then listened to two men talk about the company. These individuals were very knowledgeable in the field and I appreciated their incite into the field of database management. We then proceeded to take a tour of their beautiful campus; this campus hold the 7 main buildings of the Oracle Company. They are built out of all glass windows and in the shape of a theoretical database (go figure!).

Throughout the week we have met in small groups to discuss technological theory as well as we are now starting a group project. This project is called a future solutions project. We must decide upon an idea which we believe can be improved upon using current and future technologies. Since there may be other groups reading this (another individual from Kennebunk), I will not divuldge our group’s topic.

In closing, NYLF/TECH is an amazing experience which I cannot summarize in just this one posting. Go to to get a better idea. There is not only a technology conference, there is a Medical Conference, a Government Conference, and a Leaders Conference. Go to to get all of the details. The National Youth Leadership Forum is a great opportunity for individuals to get exposed to a certain field. If you have the chance to go, do it!


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