Rivers of Blood

As you well now by now, Israel is entering the third week of its militant offensive in the Gaza Strip. The goal was to free captured Cpl. Gilad Shalit, currently held by Hamas’ military wing, the Army of Islam and the Popular Resistance Committees. The actions taken by Israel have been labeled as extreme by the United Nations, largely because many of the sixty Palestinian deaths due to the conflict have been civilians. Last night, a bomb was dropped, aiming to kill the leader of Hamas’ military wing. It missed. Seven children and two adults paid the final price for his terrorism.

This morning, two Israel soldiers were captured by Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shiite militant group. Israel is holding the freely-elected non-terrorist government of Lebanon responsible. The government is led by the Rafik Hariri Martyr List, a center-left coalition of liberals and socialists. Israel is now invading Lebanon, supposedly to liberate its soldiers.

Yet again, I am praying and hoping for the immediate and safe return of Israel’s soldiers to their homeland. Yet again, I am disgusted at Israel’s blatant imperialism.

Withdraw now, Israel. You may yet find peace in your homeland.

Only when Palestine and Lebanon are free and only when children can be in their homes without fears of a bomb shell destroying them will there be a just peace.


2 Responses to Rivers of Blood

  1. Ben Goodman says:


    If Lebanon isn’t fighting Hezbollah, they are harboring Hezbollah. They are to be held responsible.

  2. Matt says:


    If Israel isn’t fighting everyone, there might be peace. Why do they think that invading and killing civilians (unintentionally, I’m sure) will turn people against Islamic militants? Hezbollah may as well adopt the attitude of Vietnam after China invaded them: “They win, they lose. They lose, they lose. They retreat, we win.”

    Even if Israel does kill hundreds of militants, destroy weapons caches and capture leaders, Hezbollah will be the stronger for it. Hezbollah will simply recruit from the widows, the orphans and the starving that Israel leaves behind.

    I’m no peacenik. I have supported the Iraq War from day one and oppose any Congressional withdrawal push, but Israel is just, as they put it, “turning the clocks back twenty years,” in Lebanon. Too bad they forgot that Hezbollah itself was founded twenty years ago.

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