Oh yeah. Israel just LOVES to kill the innocent. THAT’S exactly why the HELL they are bombing Lebenon. I just FORGOT that. Who cares that Hezbollah has been bombing and killing INNOCENT Israeli CIVILIANS FOR DECADES. I am sick. Sick of hearing “Oh Israel has ‘killed innocent civilians in cold blood’. Ok Kevin, Ryan, and Matt let’s see what you would do. You live in a country where your town is literally hit by a terrorist attack everyday. You can’t ride public transportation without worrying about yourself, yourlife, and your family. Your country is at constant risk of being attacked by the hostile MAJORITY IN THE REGION, ARABS! Iran has threatened to blow you off the face of the earth and literally every country in the region is hostile towards yours. In your life time you have lost friends and family members to terrorists from Hezbollah. What would you want your country to do???? Lay down like Bill Clinton at a strip club or stand up and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO EXIST AND THE RIGHT OF YOUR COUNTRY TO EXIST.
Israel has a tough foreign policy because of one simple reason: THEY NEED IT. If Israeli leadership were the French wimps described in the idealistic arguments outlined by my esteemed colleges ISRAEL WOULD NO LONGER EXIST. ISRAEL IS AT CONSTANT WAR, war is not a pretty thing, of course their will be COLLATERAL DAMAGE! When we saw over 3000 of our countrymen struck down on 9/11 we wanted a quick, swift response from president Bush for the good of American society. Now think about how you would feel if you had mini 9/11’s happening in the streets of your country everyday. Any normal person would want a swift, stiff, and harsh attack on the enemy. Israel AND EVERY OTHER MAJOR FIGHTING FORCE has had collateral damage in their offences no doubt. But, think about the innocent lives they ARE SAVING by attacking the terrorists. Lebanon loses some innocent people, sure, that’s never good but, think of the future. Israel roots out and KILLS the terrorists currently obstructing peace in the middle east. Without those terrorist organizations, peace will be much easier and maybe, I don’t know, people can ACTUALLY BE FREE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

I will tell you all one thing. This war between Israel and the Arabs is clearly a fight between good and evil. Israel is bombing Hezbollah. Hezbollah is funded by Iran. Which, OH YEAH threatened to blow Israel of the face of the EARTH. Hezbollah is also supported by Syria. Hmmmmmm what is Syria’s claim to fame??? Oh I REMEMBER! THEY COMMITTED MASS GENOCIDE TO PEOPLE OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY!
Like I’ve said before, if you side with a group of terrorists, there will never be peace. Siding with Hammas and Hezbollah (terrorists) will get you one thing: MORE TERRORISM. Israel cannot have a weak kneed foreign policy or, they WILL PERISH. The road to peace resides in the destruction of those that kill the innocent in the name of Mohammad. Peace can only be achieved by destroying those that aren’t willing to accept peace as the answer. Peace can ONLY BE ACHIEVED BY ROOTING OUT AND KILLING TERRORISTS.

If you want to say that “Israel is massacring in the name of self-defense.” that’s your call. That’s your call for more fighting in the middle east. Peace can only be achieved by destroying those whom hate it- the terrorists. Show me a nation that negotiates with terrorists and I’ll show you one that is on their way to self destruction. Terrorists use the destruction of innocent life as an opportunistic attempt at “fighting the Israelis”. Israel sometimes has to use the destruction of life to save future lives of, not only her citizens, but possibly innocent people all over the middle east. Which side will you support? Israel. The UK, and the US or Hamas, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. Again, the choice is yours.


8 Responses to What DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO?!?!

  1. Kevin says:

    What would I do? That’s an interesting question Jay. Logically however, I think that I would try not become the evil that I am fighting. I would not give Palestine and Lebanon a reason to hate me. I would show the world precisely what they are-monsters wielding the banner of Mohammed-by being measured and proportionate in my response. I would take action against them most certainly, but I would become a terrorist to fight a terrorist. If you choose to become the evil you fight, Jay, then evil has won. They will have won, and no amounts of munitions, no amounts of troops, no amount of force can change that.

    You’re right about the terrorist negotiation thing though, Jay. All France does is negotiate with terrorists and as a result, domestic policy is wielded by any psycho who can get his hands on a bomb.

    My problem isn’t even with Isreal actions (even though I do object to them) so much as the simplistic attitude that everything Isreal does is right, and everything that the Arabs do is wrong. That’s the sort of thinking one would encounter in 1984, during the Two-minute Hates.

    I would sooner be killed by anti-Isreal terrorists, Jay, than say that what they are doing is right. But I also refuse to say that Isreal is right too.

  2. Jay says:

    Carif, sorry, but you’re NOT logical. This whole thing “they hit you be the better man don’t hit back” thing may work on the playground but it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL IN FOREIGN POLICY. If Israel didn’t use force against Hezbollah, they would literally be pushed around by the terrorists. If Israel doesn’t use force, the terrorists will win and Israel will not exist. ISRAELIS ARE NOT TERRORISTS. GET THAT INTO YOUR HEAD. Terrorists kill civilians as a primary target. Israel is attacking MILITARY ESTABLISHMENTS. To you Kevin, I guess ANY MILITARY FORCE ARE TERRORISTS. Israel NEEDS to be tough inorder for THEIR OWN SECURITY. If Israel falls, the middle east will fall, and the U.S. will NEVER have an ally like Israel in the mid-east again. If Israel adopted your policies Carif, there WOULD BE NO ISRAEL. Carif, the only WAY TO FIGHT A TERRORIST IS TO FRIGGIN FIGHT A TERRORIST. “MORAL SUPREMACY” Doesn’t work in fighting a war. The way to win a WAR is the FDR way: overwhelming force. Do you actually think FDR could have won WW2 by saying; “We, the U.S., are better than you NAzis, we won’t attack you because we’re just sooooo much better than you and we don’t want to sink to your level.” Freedom defeated Communism, freedom defeated the Nazis, Freedom can defeat terrorism. Terrorism can’t be defeated by words. Israel is an ALLY OF THE U.S. The U.S. is loyal to its allies, especially when they FIGHT AN EVEN MORE AGRESSIVE WAR ON TERROR THAN WE DO. ISRAEL IS RIGHT. THE TERRORISTS ARE WRONG!

  3. Kevin says:

    Notice how I never said that Isreal doesn’t deserve to use force back. I said that they should be measured and proportional in their force, a lot like the United States is in 90% of our military campaigns. Please get my words right if you are going to quote me. But once you intentionally bulldoze the homes of innocent people whose only crime is being in the vicinity of a suicide bombing (look up House Demolitions on Wikipedia for more information), for the sake of revenge, you become the very evil that you have sworn to fight against. They have won the second you decide to abandon the ideals you fight for, Jay.

    Moral supremacy is not how you win a war, but it certainly helps to show gain the support of the global community.

    Also, I never outlined policies for Isreal to adopt. My main point is that the idea of Isreal being flawless and Palestine being eternally damned is childish.

  4. Ben says:


    Not to be nitpicky, but it drives me nuts.
    It’s IsRAel, not IsREal.

  5. Kevin says:

    Oh, sorry. Thanks for telling me.

  6. Matt says:

    Israelis are not bombing Hezbollah. They are bombing the Lebanese army, residential neighborhoods and Palestinian farmlands. They are bombing civilian airports, water lines, power plants and roads. They are building walls around entire nations.

    Israel is not attacking terrorists. It is attacking people. Israel will not permit UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon. The UN will assault Hezbollah if it strikes. The difference is that it will not assault civilians or civilian infrastructure.

    It is fine that Israel wants to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. Good luck to them. That’s what we’re doing to the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaida in Iraq.

    If the U.S. were bombing Baghdad International Airport, the dams on the Tigris and the Euphrates, bridges in Mesopotamia and the entire Shiite slum of Sadr City, you’d bet I’d be screaming bloody murder.

    Unfortunately for your arguments, the United States has brilliantly proven that it is entirely possible to destroy training camps, weapons caches, terrorist safehouses, tunnel networks and terrorist media outlets without touching civilians in the next building over.

    In addition, the United States never did anything to provoke the September 11th attacks, or Saddam Hussein’s threats (empty or otherwise) to use chemical weapons against our populace. Israel is largely at fault for the radical extremists that plague them. You scream out that these terrorists have captured three Israeli soldiers. I scream out that Israel has captured over a million Palestinians. The soldiers have been held for three weeks. The Palestinians have been held for forty years. See where I’m coming from?

    If the IDF, USA, UN or EU can dismantle the violent extremists by means of force, let it be. I do not believe that such a goal is achievable until Israel withdraws its troops and control from Lebanon and Palestine. Have you ever noticed that every Israeli war has come after one that promised to rid the world of the terrorists? It isn’t working, Israel.

    Push people to the brink and they will fight for their lives. Back off from people and they will breathe freely.

  7. Ben says:

    > Israelis are not bombing Hezbollah.

    Matt, Israel today dropped a 22-bomb on a Hezbollah bunker.

    Explain to me — Southern Lebanon (where, if I’m not mistaken, Israel is aiming at most) — all of the seats are controlled by Hezbollah. Democratically elected.

    Can’t we hold the people responsible for attacking killers?

  8. Matt says:

    Ben, if I saw the papers correctly this morning, 55 Lebanese were killed last night.

    One Hezbollah fighter was killed last night.

    Who are the other 54 people who died?

    Southern Lebanon has elected Hezbollah as a governmental representative, yes. That’s what happens in democracy. Sometimes, people make somewhat scary choices because they feel desperate.

    What are you recommending? We have a few choices:

    -destroy a freely-elected political movement;

    -kill everyone who voted for Hezbollah and place one of those good old-fashioned dictators in power to shut up the Islamic militants;

    -keep up this offensive, bombing Hezbollah, terrorists and (mostly) scared-to-death Lebanese civilians;

    or, last but not least,

    -let the Palestinians go, let the Lebanese elect who they want and stop giving these lunatics reasons to bomb the IDF, police and (mostly) scared-to-death Israeli civilians.

    Hezbollah and Hamas didn’t exist until Israel occupied their homelands. Let them become ultra-conservative (and disarmed) religious political movements, or let them quietly pass out of existence.

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