Less government is BETTER Government

To quote the great Ronald Reagan: “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”

Matt wrote a nice post about his anger, and perhaps the anger of Americans, at the electoral process. I can definitely see that the American people are fed up. They are fed up with the electoral process in general but, I think that they are EVEN MORE tired of big government policies in Washington. Our national budget is at 2.3 trillion dollars. That budget is basically tended to by the President’s Administration and the congress. Do you think, does anybody think, that the congress can actually effectively look after and run the programs under this HUGE budget? My answer is positively NO! Our government has ballooned to the point where it is no longer effective, where the people are constantly short changed by spending plans that don’t work and, are shelling money out of their own pockets to support failed government programs. What could solve this problem??? Reduce and cut spending. Reduce and cut taxes. Pure and simple, that is how one achieves a smaller more efficient government. The more money Americans shell into this Big Federal Government, certain to increase if the socialists gain power in 06, the more American money will go towards a failed federal government system. I am reminded of the saying “politics is local”. The United States must focus on giving more power to the people via states rights not via more federal government programs. Elected officials at the state, county, and town level know the needs of their citizens best so, LET THEM HAVE THE MAJORITY OF THE POWER-NOT THE FEDS!!!

Recently, I watched bits and pieces of the Libertarian National convention. One of their speakers highlighted beautifully why voter registration is DOWN in the U.S. and Europe. People just don’t see the federal government, and government in general, as being the best vehicle at achieving their goals in society. While voter attendance is down and party registration is down, membership in private organizations geared towards the common good is skyrocketing- at least in Europe. People may not be voting, but they are certainly getting involved in their communities in the most efficient and beneficial way they see fit- private organizations. People are smart. They realize that no matter whom they elect in November, the federal government is still going to get bigger and the programs “guaranteed” under this government are STILL going to get worse and worse. Less people are voting today because fewer people see government as having any positive influence on the issues they care about. Fewer people see government as the answer to their problems. More people see their time, effort, and money better invested in non profit organizations rather than Washington.

Where are the grassroots movements? The grassroots movements AREN’T being carried out on a national scale through politics. They are being waged at the community level. They are being carried out at the state level. They are being enabled, not by federal government or even state government, but rather through private organizations and community officials. Where are the national referendums??? A NATIONAL REFERENDUM WOULD BE THE WORST WASTE OF TIME SINCE HOWARD DEAN. One would have a better result entrusting more power to the states. Give the states and communities (the people that can actually have a positive impact on average Americans) more power and you will see the people with more power. A national referendum is not needed.

Personally, even I see a need for the federal government to gain power in certain instances. The Patriot act was and is a GREAT idea. American government needs to continue to ensure a safe and protected homeland- president Bush’s wire tapping was a GREAT thing. Roe V. Wade should be overturned (what liberals will NOT tell you is that after this happens, the STATES will VOTE ON ABORTION INDIVIDUALLY). While in the cases above, the feds should have more power, fiscally and on most other issues, the state is a ballooned, failed mass of bureaucratic scum who’s only accomplishment is costing the American public more and more money every year…..

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”


One Response to Less government is BETTER Government

  1. Matt says:

    You inspired the writer in me, Jay. Excellent post. My governmental philosophy can be found, briefly, in the post, “The Government That Governs in Balance Governs Best.”

    Thank you for stirring me to write.

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