Open Letter to Senator Lieberman From

Matt recently met Mr. Bob Kunst, head of, a political advocacy group supporting Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. Following Senator Joe Lieberman’s primary loss on Tuesday, Mr. Kunst sent the following letter to both the Senator and Blue State Observer.

Dear Joe Lieberman:

I was at your headquarters on Tues. in Hartford and did 25 media interviews as Pres. of, which has gone to 136 cities, done 842 news interviews and 4 t.v. ads for Hillary Clinton in ’08.
With bad advice, Hillary ‘had’ to endorse Lamont, which may cost her dearly, but that too may change based on new info, and the new crisis taking place by the hour.
However, we at are supporting you in the general election, and we have no conflict in this issue.

While I was watching the returns, Mr. Lamont made a critical statement in his acceptance speech, which I feel his is ‘Waterloo’, and that of the Democratic Party’s. He said: “I don’t fear ‘negotiating’… with the terrorists. I was shocked at the stupidity of this statement, and all who are embracing Lamont, may soon regret it.
I knew at that moment, that his campaign was doomed, and then yesterday, with the “Big One” terror threat to take down 10 planes from England to the U.S., temporarily averted and 24 captured, with perhaps another 25 still out there still free….. you were quoted in today’s Atlanta Journal- Constitution from A.P.: “This should serve as the latest, most serious evidence that we are in a war against a brutal enemy that intends to attack us over and over again in the most indiscriminate way.” Mr. Lamont was ignored.
Sen. Reid echoed the Left’s takeover of the Dems. by blaming Bush for Iraq as the ‘rallying cry for international terrorists’, and Sen. Kerry: “This exposes the misleading myth that we are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.”

Of course all of this ignores the fact that Israel, which bought the ‘land for peace’ negotiating insanity of the very forces behind Lamont, have paid in blood for the wars they got instead, both in Lebanon and Gaza, not to mention the anti-semitism and anti-Israel, and pro-Hezbollah and pro-Hamas aspects to the Lamont campaign, festering throughout the Democratic Party to their own demise.

If G-d forbid Israel didn’t exist, and we were out of Iraq, would that stop these maniacs? Only a fool in denial, would agree that America and the West would be any safer or any better than now.
I know because I get the same hate letters you got for the war, directed at Hillary, as Hillary has also supported the war, and I got that hate mail as well and will send you some examples. Also we have been attacked for supporting you.

The point of all of this is that when one talks of ‘negotiating with terorrists’ who are determined to kill you, the ‘peace’ forces actually become the ‘more war’ forces, since the Islamic Nazis see any talk or giving up of territory as ‘weakness’, and when you give them an inch, they take an arm. They are committed to death, while we are committed to life. Two totally separate forces, and we can’t negotiate with those killers, and their religious jihad, and global Muslim mania to take over the planet, and return Allah, which means going for Armageddon.

The Democrats haven’t a clue. Israel knows better than anyone that “From Hitler to Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran…that the Holocaust continues” and it’s very life is at stake now and why it must fight back. America is still ‘going shopping’ ,a la Bush two weeks after 9/11, and barely understands this conflict.
You and Hillary needs to ask all Americans to sacrifice in this War against Islamic Nazis, and to educate the nation and world at what is really at stake in all of this.

I’ve seen ‘millions’ literally in the last 3 years of activism on behalf of Hillary and know without question, even before yesterday’s ‘event’ ,that the #1 issue is: National security and defense and an offensive attack upon Islamic Nazis terrorists to get them before they get us.

I’ve written it 303 times already, and the Dems. refuse to deal with this issue on everybody’s mind.
While the Dems. hide from this issue and by default give it back to Bush, he too is remiss on this, while talking a big line regarding it.

For example, only a ‘unity’ nation can really defeat the Islamic Nazis, but Bush on 10 occassions, via “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” anti-gay ‘politics’, has now dismissed the 10th Arab interpreter, we desperately need, because that person was gay. Instead of this dangerous emergency being addressed by everyone to stop the potential crisis we all face, Bush pursues more gay-bashing and sexual profiling as his priority.

Instead of all of our limited police and resources devoted to going after these mass murderers, we have too many worried about who’s having sex in the bushes, prostitution and getting high.

All of this the usual politics to cater to the Republican Right Wing, so totally at fault at polarizing the nation on these issues, while many are on target regarding the Islamic Nazis.

Isn’t this too much on how the roles have switched?

Even if one hates gays, to take these professionals out of the picture only endangers the rest of us and I’m sending you an e-mail on this to take to task Bush just on this matter, that is not only wrong, but hurting the whole effort to stop these Islamic Nazi fanatics.

You need to use this in your campaign of enlightenment for us all. Bush must stop this terrorism against American gays if we are to defeat the real enemy out there, and only a unified country can do it.
While Lamont wants to ‘negotiate’, let’s open a real issue here and real debate on Iraq.

For years the Dems. have focused on Bush being wrong, and ignoring what to do now that we are there, but to ‘cut and run.’

At first Bush takes out Saddam Hussein, a Sunni dictator, and in the worst of politics, has now replaced him with Al Maliki, a Shiite dictator, in bed with the religious fanatic, Sadr, in Iraq and the “Little Hitler” in Iran, also Shiites.

This gang has fostered the civil war in Iraq, and threats to Israel’s survival, and is supplying missiles etc. to Hezbollah via Iraq and Syria, and also with Hamas, with Al Qaeda also a factor, in the global terrorism attacks.
None of this is part of the debate that if we leave Iraq and give the victory to Iran, plus the oil, that this would be a global monopoly to Iran to blackmail the whole world’s economy….and then to escalate Israel’s destruction, and that ONLY means coming after the U.S. and the rest of the West.

We are in WWIII and in such denial of it, while the Islamic Nazis are very clear about our collective decodence and unwillingness to fight them back, but on a very limited and ‘political’ level. Israel, on the other hand, does it differently and it’s costly both in public opinion and in Israeli lives, and others as well. Israel has no choice, and we must back Israel’s effort that is taking the brunt in this WWIII, on behalf of all of us.
In reality, neither do we have a choice, except that we have the ‘appeasers’ in the Dem. Party giving the enemy solace and purpose, and once they are through using the ‘peace movement’, those that helped them will be next, as it was in the Holocaust in WWII.

Assimilating with the enemy might buy some time, but in the end, we are all ‘infidels.’

I enclose an article regarding the Aug. 22., date below in which a major horror may take place, and yesterday’s airplane scenario, that were avoided, might be a prelude to more awful things to come.
I urge you to read this and understand its meaning and expose it fully. We have to understand what is at stake here.

With the Dems. blaming everything on the U.S. and Israel and ignoring these Islamic Nazis, the public at large will NOT trust the Democrats with the reigns of power in these very dangerous moments.

Therefore I see your campaign, and even Hillary’s, as one of “Unconditional Surrender” of these terrorists, versus the Ayatollah Lamont approach of “Negotiating a surrender to the terrorists”, which will never fly to any thinking person, regardless of party affiliation.

I am proud that you as a Jew,and person of conscience, went South by bus, to open our country against the racists, KKK and Nazis here at home, as Jews also gave their lives in this civil rights struggle.

Yet, African-American, Rep. Maxine Waters, couldn’t even vote against Hezbollah, and then we have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others in there for Lamont, who is more Republican and not historically involved with this movement. In fact, this anti-Israel force is taking on the racist energy of the Nation of Islam and sees the Middle East conflict as Jews being white and Arabs being dark and therefore needing to be supported by the blacks.

A ‘right vs. wrong’ picture here is totally dismissed, let alone a vengence against you because you didn’t support a ‘quota’ system for ‘affirmative action.’

On the other hand, voters in Ga., threw out an anti-semitic, anti-Israel, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who is black, on the same day that you lost the Dem. primary. Perhaps Ga., is far more ahead of Conn..

I am convinced that the extreme Left takeover of the Dem. party by Lamont, etc. will backfire, and that you in this 3rd party effort will prevail and possibly set the tone nationally for this 3rd effort, and why you have been shunned.

But you must distinguish between yourself as the ‘patriot’ and demand ‘unconditional surrender’ as we did with the Germans and the Japanese in WWII, while Ayatollah Lamont’, the ‘appeaser’,is willing to ‘negotiate surrender’ to the Islamic Nazis, that will only mean more war for all Americans and all the West and all Israelis and all who are ‘infidels’, which means, NOT Islamic Nazis.

This in effect is the campaign for all candidates in all parties given what is going on.

Joe, in driving South from your event, I did another 9 media for Hillary’s ‘bust’ showing in NY’s “Museum of Sex” on Aug. 9, with my sign: “Seek Abundance-Hillary ’08-and” and while we believe in her, she too makes mistakes, and we know the anti-war gang will never support her, no matter what, anymore than they would you and with as much venom.

In driving South, I listened to all the ‘talk shows’ on radio, and KNOW without question, that the public is never going to support Democrats who are soft on terrorists and the Islamic Nazis.

In fact one caller to a show in N.C., recommended the “Pork Bomb”, to pour pork oil on all of these Islamic Nazis, who won’t be pure any longer, in their attempts for 72 virgins for every Jew and Gentile and ‘infidel’ they kill.

The grassroots knows, and even the host on this show was openly critical of Bush and his ‘politics’ regarding Iraq and not really fighting this war either. Both Dems. and GOP were roundly criticized and it was refreshing to hear and gave me hope.

You’ve fired your staff. Hire us to help you. We know the formulae, and we are activists on behalf of our beloved country, not the party, which just doesn’t get it. When Dems. purge anyone in the party who doesn’t share their version of this ‘political correctness’, that will only produce more war, and more violence, they are as guilty as the Republicans playing their ‘loyalty’ games. When Dems. retreat to the passifist mentaltiy that prevails, as well as to those who actually support both Israel and the U.S. losing and being attacked, this party had better get a massive wake up call, and why your campaign and victory in November is critical for the nation and this party.

The point is that the Dems. and so many Americans don’t recognize this as a war, while the terrorists do.
The fact that I heard on 4 occassions yesterday,in 4 differenct cities, that they believe that what happened yesterday regarding sabotaging the planes, was set up by Bush to help you and defeat Lamont, should best illustrate the insanity behind the Lamont campaign.

But then 25% of the public believes that Bush also did 9/11.

All wars cost casualties, and Israel isn’t purposely targeting them while Hezbollah cowardly hides behind civilians to attack innocents in Israel, as much as those who wanted to take down 10 planes, with a potential of many thousands of innocent men, women and children, to also be killed, for their’ politics’.

I believe if you focus from these aspects, you will have the respect and support of folks from all parties to come back to support you in November and beyond. Let us help you.

We have already established an Independent Democrats of Fla., (IDF) for the last several years that is registered with the Sec. of State in Fla..

Again, this isn’t about you, but about saving America and Israel and the West, and our freedoms, with yourself as the vehicle of truth about all of this.

Our campaign for Hillary is: “It’s about U.S.” ….with Hillary the vehicle.

The debate on Iraq is so limited and you need to be the ‘teacher’ on what is at stake now in the ‘Big Picture.’
“Is Lamont willing to leave Iraq and give over Iraq and its oil to Iran, bent on destroying Israel and the U.S.?”

America will NEVER allow this to happen, and will never put the Dems. in charge, if this is their agenda, which is Ayatollah Lamont’s agenda, and the Left’s who purposely can’t see the forest for the trees.
We’re hoping that Hillary will soon see the light on this as well, and let Lamont hang on his own.

Yours Faithfully in Shalom,
Bob Kunst


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