The Best – and Worst – Of American Politics

The best- Unity ’08. It’s an internet site,, composed of Americans fed up with partisanship. They will be holding a primary in early 2008, and will select one member of each party as a nominee for president and vice president, or two independents with shared views on cooperating as Americans. No major candidate has stepped forward yet as a potential accepter of a nomination, but everyone from the cofounders of The Hotline to college students to the former independent governor of Maine (Angus King, in case you were wondering, Ben) are listed as members of the Founders Council. This dedicated group of activists has drawn national media attention and could be a force in the presidential elections, should they manage to find a candidate. At the very least, their system of giving every American a primary vote is democracy at its best.

The worst- Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, an obscure former Libertarian Republican running for the presidency from his home (currently prison) in Michigan. He claims to be the c0olest coming of Christ in the history of all the universes, and is a radical conservative Republican who can’t wait to run against the “Communazis” of America. In case you were wondering, he is both God and Saint Michael the Archangel, and the husband of the blessed “Mary Michelle.”

Not kidding. He really is an American.


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