Comic relief, perhaps?

Hello, my name is Michael. I’m from the beautiful state of Arizona. I live in a suburb of Phoenix where we are currently enjoying a nice, temperate day of 103 degrees which is, yes, below average for us. Enough of my weather woes. I’m a self-styled moderate, with political views all over the board. If you need a crude way to categorize my political tendencies, then call me a Christian Democrat. Yeah, we still exist. I was invited to blog here by my rommate from the Governor’s Conference, Ben. I will be a fairly infrequent poster here, what with my gubernatorial duties, a job, school, etc. If McCain gets into any hijinks, I’ll probably be here to give you my opinion. And our Stat’es own Gubernatorial election is this year, which should prove to be an interesting race. So, with that, I bid you have a good day and happy blogging.


One Response to Comic relief, perhaps?

  1. Rachel says:

    103 schmun03. There’s a cold front coming through, us southerners shall SURVIVE AND FLOURISH.

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