Lincoln Chafee

While I’ve made it clear that I stand with the Republican party on some foreign policy issues, I remain a supporter of the Democratic party — and I’ve made that clear. For the first time, I’m going to come out in favor of a Republican.

I know the basic argument against me — “how can you claim to be a Democrat if you won’t support [Democrats] Sheeler or Whitehouse?” — I support the best candidate, in all circumstances. Period. That’s why I’m supporting Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.

In interest of keeping the Blue State Observer “family-friendly,” Steve Laffey is a class-A jerk — look, to be honest, with all respect to the Empire State, Laffey acts more like an angry New Yorker than someone from the great New England region.

Lincoln Chafee seems to be on of the last great Republicans. You know, if the Republicans went more on where the party’s roots are, than the neocon agenda, I’d put on the biggest elephant tie and straw hat in New England. Whatever happened to less government? The Republican party gives a bigger damn what Chuck and Tom do in their bedroom than the financial standing of the American people. During the recent debate between Chafee and Laffey, Chafee made it clear that he is a REPUBLICAN — the kind who is against tax cuts if it’s bad for the economy, and doesn’t really give a damn what Chuck and Tom are doing.

Call me a Chafee-Republican if you want — a breed that hasn’t been seen since the Reagan revolution.


One Response to Lincoln Chafee

  1. Matt says:

    I second your support of both Lincoln Chafee and Joe Lieberman, two of America’s best old-style senators. We need more national security Democrats, fiscally-responsible Republicans and independent thinkers.

    Lincoln Chafee is the kind of statesman, like Christopher Shays, Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins, M. Jodi Rell and a handful of others who really make New England an independent region. It is my fervant hope that every one of these excellent leaders wins the re-election that they have earned for years of dedicated service to the American people.

    Steve Laffey is nothing more than an ideologue, as is Ned Lamont. They are polarizing figures who, along with our president and Howard Dean, are driving this country to madness.

    At least one ideologue is on the chopping block, fortunately. It appears that moderate Democrat Bob Casey Jr. will oust ultra-right Republican Rick Santorum from office in November.

    Hopefully, we can oust the politicians in Washington while keeping the statesmen and stateswomen who are striving to restore America as the great, and respected, leader of the free world that we have always been.

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