Isolationism is NOT the Answer

My deepest sympathies go out to those who have lost loved ones in the current and ongoing War on Terror. I’ve said it many times — I supported Afghanistan because we were attacked. I did not originally support going into Iraq, as I felt we were lied to, regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. I have always supported the troops. My current feelings are that if we do not stay the course, and finish the job, we send a message of weakness to the world, and ultimately create a huge threat to all Americans, at home and abroad.

Some who know me may be surprised to hear this position. After all, I did participate in a protest a few years ago at Walker’s Point, the summer home of the elder President Bush — to “get out of Iraq.” I used to roll my eyes when I would hear Secretary Rumsfeld say that to “cut and run” would embolden the enemy. Maybe I’ve truly come full circle, but I have to agree. As much as it pains me to say it, we must stay the course. I still stand with Democrats on most domestic issues, but I’m really starting to get discouraged with the ‘America First’ crowd.

Several weeks ago, I asked a friend whether she would support United States intervention or action regarding the Middle East conflict. She essentially told me that it was not the United States job to play the role of “world police.”

I told her that Israel was an ally, and they deserved our support, regardless of her feelings, for all they have done. I asked her, if she would support involvement, if the country was, for example, England. After a long discussion, she finally gave me her position, if another country were to attack England. “That’s different.”

I quite don’t see how. My goal in this post is not to argue Israel, and I hope that any discussion does not specifically focus on Israel. What startled me was not her position — unfortunately, I see a growing anti-Israel view among many of my peers — which is disturbing to me. What startled me was that she didn’t support the United States helping our allies in their time of need. Again — leave Israel out of it — throw in any country that has given us assistance over the years — I say that we owe them our support.

During the 1940’s, the “America First Committee” emerged, calling for the US to stay OUT of World War II. The party has since made a comeback, made up of former Reform Party members. Unfortunately, I can’t help but notice the left’s association with the America-First “crowd” — the voters who are either (a) so very anti-war that they will not help our allies, or (2) believe that we should only worry about America, and America’s affairs. Look, I said it above, I agree with the left on most domestic issues — stem cell research, health care — but it’s deeply troubling to think that in one of our allies’ time of need, we’ll turn the other way.

If Iran does what President Ahmadinejad has called for so many times, and goes after the destruction of Israel, no one can deny that terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah will rally around them — and effectively, entire nations. Say what you will about Lebanon, but when a government endorses an organization (Hezbollah) that was founded with the sole purpose of the destruction of Israel, they clearly are endorsing the actions of that organization.

In a phone conversation with my eighty-four year old grandfather, something was pointed out to me — never before has a war been against the people. With civilian militants, warfare is changed entirely. It’s impossible to compare the War on Terror to Vietnam, Korea, or either of the World Wars.

If Israel is put in the middle of such a complex conflict, the United States must get involved. However, if the United States does not get involved, the entire middle east is at risk. Remember the masada complex, that says if Israel is going down for sure, they will take down EVERYONE with them. Yes folks, it exists. To those of you who are still in opposition, ethanol is a great idea — how’d you like to see the entire middle east gone in a single blow? We need to protect Israel.

I support dissent — it’s what makes America great, and it’s what our founding fathers stood for. I support the right to protest, speak your mind, blog, yell in the street, complain, write your paper, and most importantly, vote. However, if the United States ever refuses to support it’s allies, and goes back to the days of isolationism, I fear that we’ll be feeding the terrorists what they want — by ignoring their actions abroad, we’ll embolden them.

Of course I want to defend America at all costs — and of course she comes first, everyone else second. Strong allies, and a strong stance on foreign terror can only strengthen our stance on domestic terror prevention. Unfortunately, the ‘America First’ crowd can’t seem to view it this way — for them, it’s America, and no place else. It’s funny that these are the same people who often are the ones so ardently fighting for the right of the United Nations — a group that I am a staunch supporter of. Yet, if it will take any sort of sacrifice, they’re out.

America does not need to be world police, but to turn it’s back on the world could be a disastrous mistake.


3 Responses to Isolationism is NOT the Answer

  1. Matt says:

    Interesting post, and, as the person who I am, all I have to say is…


    Just kidding.

    In all fairness, thank you for realizing that America has responsibilities as the leader of the free world. If we do not work to further democracy where it is so badly needed and offer security to those who have never had it, then who are we? All you ever hear about with regards to Iraq is the dissidents who have always hated us, or are naturally opposed to any foreign occupation. How about the Kurds who actually have the ability to live free of chemical attacks and genocide? How about Shias who can actually worship freely as they please? I have a feeling they are actually grateful for American intervention against Saddam Hussein.

    I do not support isolationism. I may have different views on Israel and Palestine than you, but that doesn’t mean that I’m an isolationist.

    They are true fools who claim that we need to deal with America first (read: only). This is a world requiring leaders. We cannot go back to the Nineties and the pre-9/11 world. All that we can do is wake up and live in the reality of today.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hear, hear.

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