We Shall Never Forget

We Shall Never Forget
September 11, 2001

Where were you?


3 Responses to We Shall Never Forget

  1. Kevin says:


    I’ll bet you that every political group out there is going to reuse 9/11 as ammo in their petty partisan attacks.

    “Support my opponents cause, you you support 9/11!”

  2. Chris Cluff says:

    God Bless America!

  3. Matt says:

    I was ninety miles away, in middle school.

    I will never forget, because I can never forget.

    My area is two hours away from New York.

    People from my area went to work on September 11th. They didn’t come home.

    I remember my classmates being afraid that the attacks were headed our way.

    We will never forget.

    Rest in peace.

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