You Tell ‘Em, Mr. President!


6 Responses to You Tell ‘Em, Mr. President!

  1. Rachel says:

    everybody’s freaking out about how he actually stood up for himself.

    I say, stand up for yourself, Clinton! Nobody has a right to say that he did nothing about bin Laden because that’s just flat out untrue.

  2. Matt says:

    My question for former President Clinton is this”

    Why did you permit the FBI and the CIA to determine your foreign policies? Although I do not accept the justifications that the administration has given us for its half-hearted version of war, the president is the commander in chief as well as the chief architect of foreign diplomacy! Why didn’t he just demand refueling rights in Uzbekistan? Who was really in charge of our policies if not the president?

    He failed to assert his power and failed to take strong actions, regardless of his good intentions.

  3. Ben says:

    I am so sick of hearing the criticism that if Ms. Lewinsky hadn’t shown up, 9/11 wouldn’t have occured. For lack of a better term, it’s a load of crap. Bill Clinton did everything he could, and I still believe is one of the best Presidents in history. I can’t remember what movie it was from, but William Henry Harrison was probably the best President — dead in a month, he didn’t have time to screw anything up.

    Seriously, stop damning Bill.
    How about some of you talk about what the man did right?

  4. Jay says:

    Good Call Matt! Clinton had good intentions but good intentions don’t stop terrorists….

  5. Jay says:

    He was mediocre at best… Lewinsky was a major part of his presidency no doubt but it wasn’t the only thing he did wrong in there. The only real Clinton “accomplishment” I can think of was his “great economy”. The reality is that the policies of a president have some effect on the economy but, they really aren’t the deciding factor. Clinton really kept the ball rolling, economically, from Reagan. He was able to sustain a period of economic growth started and instituted by the Reagan administration and their tax cuts. Clinton ran for office, in both of his terms, as a “moderate” Southern Democrat. That is, he RAN as one. In office he was anything BUT a moderate. Sure there was NAFTA and Welfare reform; however, at the end of the day he wasn’t able to separate himself from the liberal special interest groups. A good example of this was the abortion lobby. Clinton had a “history of being pro-life” but, once he hit office, he seemed to forget that history. He didn’t really dooo anything in office… He was able to keep the ball rolling from the Reagan economic boom but, how much of that would have been possible if he didn’t have the GOP and their Contract for America breathing down his neck? My favorite presidents are ones that show courage under fire during their time in office: I.e. Lincoln, Reagan, and I even admire FDR for his work with WW2. Clinton was in office for eight years… He had THREE opportunities to grab Bin-Laden……. “nuff said”

  6. Kevin says:

    Lewinsky has nothing to do with foreign policy. Her affair with President Clinton niether strengthened nor weakened America. All it did was fuel the tabloids that middle-aged women read in the line at the grocery store. Hell, JFK was a hardass on foreign policy, and he had so many affairs he made Clinton look like a faithful married man.

    It’s also not fair to blame Clinton for 9/11. It’s only one party’s fault: Al-Qaeda. Clinton had nothing to do with it. Besides, before 9/11, Bin Laden wasn’t a huge threat. He was merely another head of a “Destroy America and behead the infidels” group (albeit his had more resources/money, and was becoming a bigger threat over time). 9/11 was really what propelled him and Al-Qaeda into Public Enemy #1 status.

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