Proof That G-d Exists

MSNBC: Sen. Obama: ’08 Run a possibility’

(Well, I’m stuck between Obama, Bayh, and Angus King)


4 Responses to Proof That G-d Exists

  1. Rachel says:

    YAY. I’ve really loved Obama since that kick-butt speech he gave at the dem. convention.

  2. Rachel says:

    he’d never win, though.
    to be blunt. He’s black.
    America isn’t ready to make the huuuuge step to actually accept a qualified person who’s only different because of his skin color. There are stereotypes that many people suppose, which may affect the way they vote.
    and the vote won’t be pro-Obama.

  3. Neal says:

    Did you ever think that people might not vote for him because they don’t agree with him or don’t like him? It is people that think like that and try to say that every black person is smart and needs to be given different standards. There are just as many stupid black people as there are stupid white people. America is ready for a black person with major power. Look at Condi she is both Black and a Woman, If you think that he won’t win just because he is black he might lose because he has no experience besides his 2 years in congress or maybe the country isn’t ready to give up on the war and fighting terrorism by electing a liberal who will just pick up and leave making the region unstable If you really want to look at the election then you have to look at all sides of the issue and not just the candidates ethnic origin.

    Being racist does not just mean that you hate the person it can also mean that you think they are inferior and need your help to survive/prosper.

  4. Matt says:

    Uh, I like Obama for different reasons than because he’s black- quite frankly, I could care less about his skin color. He reminds me of a new JFK- strong on national security, deeply patriotic with a good sense of America and strong moral convictions that guide his actions. He seems to me to be a good senator, whether or not I agree with him on the war or other issues. As far as “making the religion unstable,” first, aren’t the government and religion separate around these parts? They influence each other, but come on, a government here is not going to destabilize religion. If anything, policies that support torture, corruption and death in a number of different ways might, though…

    Don’t get so defensive about the whole race thing. The simple fact is that many Americans would react a heck of a lot differently towards Obama than, say, Joe Biden, who’s similar to him. Is it all about race? Of course not. Good point about Condi shattering the mold. Still, a lot of people have deep prejudices (good and bad) about black liberals. Both are stupid.

    I’m glad Obama is considering a run for the presidency because he seems like a genuinely good man with deep morals and values that I can respect, if not share. It would be good to see a black in the presidency, just as it would be good to see a Jew, a woman, another Catholic or another person with a disability, but that doesn’t really influence my vote. I’m glad Obama could be a positive alternative to an arch-conservative, an arch-liberal and Hillary Clinton.

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