My Belated Veteran’s Day Message

Sorry if this pre-empts anything BSO as a whole is doing, but, like Kevin, I want to offer up a few reflections on Veteran’s Day, before we start posting like mad about the elections.

In America, we enjoy a considerable number of freedoms, most of which are guarantees that we can go about our daily lives and live as we are meant to without being punished. We are granted the basic and inalienable rights to speak, think, meet, vote, defend ourselves, worship, work and seek satisfaction in life. We are also granted the equally important rights to choose not to do any of those things should we choose not to. Although none of these things seem out of the ordinary, America is one of the few nations on the face of God’s green earth that has offered these freedoms throughout history. Even more amazingly, these simple liberties have come at a dire price: the devotion, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and often lives of our brothers and sisters in America.

Since the very birth of our nation, our courageous men and women have travelled this world laying their lives on the line for the liberties we enjoy. Our nation was born out of a hail of musketballs, and since that moment of conception, our troops have rallied to destroy many evils in the world, including imperialism, slavery, fascism, communism, genocide and terrorism. Our men and women at arms have shown their colors through their selfless and passionate valor. They have met countless foes on the fields of battle. They have fought on land, at sea and in the air. Through it all, they have unquestioningly commanded their lives into God’s hands in the name of our freedom. Many went to meet Him in the service of this great country. Many more, fortunately, have returned home to be a blessing to their communities in peace, as they were to their nation in war.

Our veterans are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. American veterans have journeyed to every last corner of the earth to defend the basic freedoms we hold dear. They have offered up their lives as a sacrifice for our way of life. Many have been taken as the price for our America. All have served with resolve and honor unmatched in the defense of American liberty.

This Veteran’s Day, let us remember all of those who have gone boldly before us to make our freedoms the reality in which we live. Let us say a humble prayer in gratitude of those who have fallen, and in gratitude of those still among us today. Let us remember those serving our nation right now, in harm’s way, ready to answer the call of duty and preserve America today. Let us never forget our heroes, the blessed defenders of our sacred liberty.


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