The View From Here

As we continue our seemingly never ending construction on the Presidential Observer, let’s now take a look to the 2008 scene, shall we?

  • Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain have formed exploratory committees.
  • Barack Obama is getting everyone’s attention, as he makes his first visit to New Hampshire on December 10, to celebrate the NHDP’s major election-day victories.
  • Evan Bayh is expected to announce his candidacy for President shortly after the Christmas holiday.
  • Newt Gingrich has said he won’t make a decision until October of 2007. With the first GOP debates scheduled for this May, Newt has the potential to shake things up … but, don’t look for him to give McCain or Romney a run for their money.
  • Tom Vilsack announced for the second time today…his official announcement that he will seek the Democratic Nomination.
  • Kos and The Boston Globe reports that Joe Biden, in an interview with Chet Culver on New England Cable News (NECN) says that he is running. As if we didn’t know, Joe.
  • John Kerry is pretty much out. He says he’s going to run, but after being ranked the most unpopular politician in America, as much as I like John, and would support him whole-heartedly, he’s an idiot to leave. If Kerry were to run, he’d have to give up his Senate seat — making for a very interesting race in Massachusetts. Can you imagine? Chris Gabrielli, Tom Reilly…how about Tom Menino for the Democrats (totally my assumptions) … I’d love to see Larry Lucchino or Theo Epstein run, but I won’t press my luck. Republicans? Dare I suggest Kerry Healey, Swift Boat Veterans leader Jerome Corsi.
  • Mitt Romney is expected to make a decision soon, and I’ve heard, make an announcement either right before or after New Years.
  • Al Gore continues to say he isn’t running, isn’t planning on it, but hasn’t ruled it out. Kos suggests how amazing it would be if Gore were to announce while accepting his Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth (Gore’s chief opponent in the race for the Documentary Oscar? Ralph Nader)
  • Duncan Hunter announced his intentions to seek the GOP Nomiantion in 2008.
  • Mike Gravel is still campaigning across the country.
  • Bill Frist has ruled out a run, he announced yesterday.
  • Jerry Brown, Mario Cuomo, Mike Dukakis, and Gary Hart have not made any steps towards the nomination. None at all. The number 2008 has not passed through their lips. I still want to see them run.
  • George Pataki is in…all but announced.
  • Tommy Thompson doesn’t have a shot in hell. Still, it’ll be fun to watch.

2008 Senate/House Races…

  • Mark Warner who ruled out a Presidential Bid in October, disapointing many, is reportedly considering running for either another term as Governor, or perhaps, should Current Senator John Warner (R) (no relation) retire, running against recently-defeated Sen. George “Macaca” Allen.
  • Jeanne Shaheen is rumored to be considering a rematch in New Hampshire against Sen. Sununu in 2008. As you’ll remember, there were many allegations of misconduct in 2002, including phone jamming. There are also rumors that NH Governor John Lynch may consider.
  • Tom Allen may be considering a run against Susan Collins in 2008. Allen is a very popular Congressman in the first district of Maine — and would make for a very interesting race.
  • Harold Ford Jr. may challenge Lamar Alexander for TN-SEN in 2008 — although nothing is official.

Draft Dukakis, anyone?


3 Responses to The View From Here

  1. Matt says:

    Sam Brownback has set up an exploratory committee.

    Dukakis? Are you on eggnog?

  2. Ian Engdahl says:

    Tom Allen told me that he is definitely planning to run against Susan Collins. I think you can remove the ‘may be considering’.

  3. Ben says:

    Are you serious?

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