Free Abortions for Everyone!

I’ve said several times that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, who announced on ABC’s “This Week” yesterday morning that he’s forming an exploratory committee this week, is one of the potential candidates I like for 2008, and would consider voting for him in 2008.

I cringe when reactionary right groups such as LIFENEWS run headlines such as “Pro-Abortion Senator Evan Bayh Considers Democratic Presidential Bid.” Uh, wait a second, did Evan Bayh ever say he supports abortion, or did he merely vote for the woman’s right to choose? Supporting the right to choose does not endorse abortion. I doubt that Senator Bayh is going to run on a campaign of “FREE ABORTIONS FOR EVERYONE!”

The problem is, there are people who see the headline “UNFPA Convenes Meeting of Parliamentarians That Endorses Abortion,” believe the article at every word. That’s right folks, there are people out there who now believe that the United Nations Population Fund is running on a platform of “killing babies.”

Take the Bayh article. Stem Cell Research has a phenomenal promise, to save lives — and here’s what LIFENEWS says:

Although considered a “moderate” on other political issues, Bayh has strongly supported both abortion and forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research, which involves the destruction of human life.

OH COME ON PEOPLE. “Forcing taxpayers” ?? … “involves the destruction of human life” ??

ANY MEASURE OF CONGRESS INVOLVING ANY FINANCIAL VALUE WOULD FORCE TAXPAYERS TO FUND IT! I don’t believe life begins at conception, but that’s irrelevant. Abortion may be a cruel practice, but Bayh’s voting record shows nowhere that he supports abortion. He supports the right to choose.


Respond to that, Mr. Dobson.


3 Responses to Free Abortions for Everyone!

  1. Matt says:

    He supports abortion in the same way that George W. Bush supports killing prisoners. One votes for “a woman’s right to choose” and the other votes for “capital punishment.” What’s the difference? A real pro-lifer (like me) opposes abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide as all different forms of the same wrong: the state turning a blind eye towards killing and permitting lives to be taken, rather than defending life. Neither Bayh nor Bush are pro-life in my eyes.

  2. Jay says:

    Ben, one’s “personal opinion” on an issue doesn’t matter AT ALL when running for an office, it’s the votes that matter. If one is personally “against abortion” but votes pro-choice consistently, he is a pro-choicer. It’s the VOTES that matter, not the “feelings”. If I say I’m personally for Israel but then vote consistently in favor of Hezbollah what does that make me??? Pro-Hezbollah. One’s “personal opinion” is not what sets pollicy, in the end, it’s how they VOTE that sets pollicy. I’m voting for someone who votes pro-life and thinks pro-life, not someone who THINKS one way and votes another….

  3. Matt says:

    Bingo. Personal choices and beliefs are not the foundation of this nation’s laws; political positions are. Although I can understand that Bayh may morally oppose abortion, he legally supports it (therefore, pro-choice). The whole “pro-abortion” language is just a semantics debate and just propaganda. I highly doubt anyone would encourage someone to abort babies. Still, they can be called “pro-abortion”, although I think the language is somewhat harsh, in the same sense that someone supporting the Iraq conflict can be called pro-war. In any event, who cares what he’s called? He votes in favor of abortion rights. Isn’t that what really counts here?

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